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Top Interior Design Trends 2020

Home Décor Trends

Amanda Hanley

Our interior design expert Amanda Hanley tells us what interior trends are hot this year and how you can incorporate them into your home.

The New Year is already upon us, what better time to transform your home. Whether you are adding some finishing touches or completely renovating, here are some top tips on how to embrace new and exciting key interior trends.

While a house exterior may give the first impression, it’s the interior design that reflects your personality and makes you feel at home. To breathe new life into your home this year, think about updating and introducing unique fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and lighting- elements that lift a room and transform it into an exciting space.

Printed pattern power

Our upholstery fabric choices became still more daring in 2019 and this is set to continue in 2020. Printed velvet is still a strong favourite. Its bold, striking and eclectic patterns are perfect for those who want to stand out and add a touch of personality to their interiors.

Pattern on your upholstery does not mean that you cannot have pattern elsewhere too. Vary the scale and type of pattern for the best effect, making sure each choice has one colour in common.

Cole & Sons Midsummer Bloom wallpaper depicts abundant summer flowers in full bloom, perfect for a hallway entrance or stairway to create a warm and happy welcome.

Full bloom florals

Floral wallpaper is a trend to look forward to this year as we saw a flurry of florals with botanical finish designs in 2019. We can expect 2020’s florals to be an abstract chic rendition and continuation of this style, with a more contemporary touch. Opt for bright colours mixed with pretty pastels, as well as vibrant tropical designs to create that dramatic effect.

Using wallpaper is a brilliant way to transform your home for this season and provide personality. A bold, large -scale print in your hallway will add interest. Equally, a deep vivid, unexpected colour on one wall of your living room against a uniform palette of grey or stone will change the mood entirely.

The humble houseplant

Indoor plants, silk flowers and faux botanicals have been best sellers over the last year, and this trend will continue into 2020 and beyond. Cropping up constantly on social media, interiors magazines and in the most chic homes, hotels and social hubs, this is a style that is really to be embraced. As well as being fashionable, they provide an instant lift to a room, making it feel finished and loved.

Most of us adore having fresh flowers and plants in the home, but they can be hard work, have a limited life span, and it’s difficult to find interesting varieties that don’t cost the earth. However, with silk blooms, which are now barely distinguishable from the real thing, we can all have stunning flowers and plants around the home all year round. In winter, you still have the varieties you enjoy, in summer, they will not wilt in the heat, and you don’t have to worry about direct sunlight.

Providing leafy green décor and with increasing news of their health benefits, the houseplant has become a must-have for our homes. Suitable for any room in your home, you can use hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces, or soften a coffee or side table. Forget “less is more”; more is definitely more!

Purple reigns

Ranging from sumptuous dark-jewel tones to bright and cheerful hues, energizing purple is sure to add a feeling of warmth to your interior. It’s a long-term favorite for bedrooms and bathrooms, as it can cleverly look both classic or contemporary, depending on the room setting. The colour has long been associated with royalty, as there is something majestic about purple painted walls and furniture.
Try using your favourite hue in your hallway to create a welcoming feel. Whichever shade you are drawn to, bring it into your home with confidence and reap the happy benefits of this versatile colour.

Tactile texture

Textures are an essential consideration when planning a room – so much can be achieved by simply playing with them. Whatever the colour palette, mixing textures can instantly create another layer of decoration and interest. Tactile materials, such as the enormously popular luxurious velvets, and soft leathers, look fabulous teamed up with patterned or chintz floral soft furnishings, and larger than life botanical or arty wallpapers. Velvet is the fabric of choice for soft furnishings and upholstery – now is the time to be brave and order that “forest” green Chesterfield sofa or deep teal footstool. As for leather, it is now making a move into the bedroom, onto upholstered headboards and quilted chairs.

Amanda’s rules for interior design

The first rule is that there are no rules! Don’t be afraid to go with your instincts and express your personality in your design decisions. How you personalize your space is what makes it unique and interesting, and in turn leads to a warm welcoming home. Make the rooms fun, even eccentric if that’s your style… and don’t take things too seriously!


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