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Transforming the World of Luxury Property Investment


Always dreamt of a property portfolio but don’t have the time to commit to creating it yourself?

Property investment is becoming an increasingly popular secondary income for people due to the capital appreciation over the long term. The process, on the other hand, can often require a huge amount of time and commitment that the busy business owner just does not have. From finding the perfect property to sourcing a tricky high value mortgage, the time-consuming process needn’t be a burden on your time.

CEO and business owner of six successful property and finance businesses, Michelle Niziol set out on a mission over 20 years ago, to create a solution to every problem in the property buying process.

Knowing she could make a considerable change to how the process is handled, Michelle created MN Bespoke Property Investment, a bespoke end-to-end service, that involves structuring and organising finance, sourcing the appropriate properties in Oxfordshire to provide not only the best monthly return but long-term growth. Liaising with solicitors to ensure a quick and smooth completion, refurbishing the property to ensure it attracts the right tenant for the highest yield and then renting out the property through her letting agency.

The premise of the business centers around clients receiving an ‘all-inclusive service’, completely relieving them from having to deal with multiple companies in order to fulfil their requirements, which is often futile consumption of their time.

Launching her own property portfolio aged 18, her personal experience is reflected in the expert approach to handling her clients’ precise needs and desires. Michelle has bought hundreds of properties for clients, securing their financial future and has ultimately led those clients to retirement, some at a very young age!

Many high-net-worth individuals have in the past struggled to obtain a mortgage. Their complex income is often made up of multiple income streams, foreign currency income or multiple assets must be considered to leverage the application, all of which are outside the comfort zone of most lenders. Michelle, understanding the importance of such complicated finances, is dedicated to use this to her clients’ advantage – to negotiate the best high-value mortgage.

So, who is her ideal client?

The service is aimed exclusively at the busy business owner and high-net-worth individuals looking to start a property portfolio or expand a current one.

How much do I need to start investing in a portfolio?

£80,000 is needed to purchase one property, a mortgage would then be needed to finalise the purchase, Michelle would structure this for you.

How much would I receive in return?

If you invested £80,000 in a property, you would be looking at a purchase price of £250,000 and a monthly rental income of £1,050 per month.

Her ultimate aim?

To treat each client’s investment as if it were her own!

MN Bespoke Property Investment is set to transform the world of luxury property investment for the better with an effortlessly simple service, you won’t even need to lift a finger.




Telephone: 01869 927101



Linked in: Michelle Niziol Bespoke Property Investment: Overview | LinkedIn


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CEO and business owner of six successful property and finance businesses, Michelle Niziol set out on a mission over 20 years ago, to create a solution to every problem in the property buying process.