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Ultimate Guide to Designing the Perfect Guest Bathroom

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When you invite guests to stay, you’ll want to give them the best possible impression of your home – and, ideally, treat them to a luxurious experience. You might also want to avoid sharing a single bathroom. For this reason, a guest bathroom can be a worthwhile addition to properties of a certain size.

Whether you’re adding a new guest bathroom, or renovating an existing one, there are a few essential considerations you’ll want to bear in mind. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


If you want to create a strong impression, then your choice of fixtures is a huge priority. A wall-hung toilet, a sunken sink, and a walk-in shower might all create the desired sense of opulence. Showers, sinks and toilets can be bought easily from reputable online retailers.

But perhaps more important than any single fixture is the way that everything works together. Look for items that conform to a single, cohesive style, and think about how they all work with the room. You’re looking to create a sense of flow.

Maximise Space

The guest bathroom will often be smaller than the others in your home. If you want to get the most from the space, choosing the right layout is critical.

In some cases, you might choose between a bath and a shower, freeing up space for other things. Space-efficient storage can also make a difference. The cupboard beneath the sink might accommodate towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more.

Premium Materials

Most of the visible space in your bathroom will be taken up by floor, wall, and ceiling. The colours and materials you choose will therefore make a very big impact on the overall look of the space.

Look for tiles, quality paints, and flooring options that match your tastes. But remember that your guests might not share your tastes (so, don’t make it too quirky). There are plenty of designs you can utilise to add intrigue to your space without making it too garish.

The cheap options you find may not be that distinguishable from the more expensive ones. If you want a clean finish, look for reflective tiles; if you want a more natural, down-to-earth one, look for stone tiles (or porcelain tiles that replicate the look of stone).

Luxurious Extras

A few small touches can seriously elevate your bathroom. A little bit of greenery can stand out in an otherwise sterile space, and thus, potted plants are an obvious choice. You might also think about your choice of towels and rugs. Change the former regularly, and make sure that the latter matches up.

Make a small investment in a good-looking soap dispenser, and make sure that it’s properly stocked. Alternatively, a soap dish might look the part at the back of your sink.


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