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Upcoming Gaming Trends that will Revolutionise the Player Experience in 2024

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2023 was indeed a year of innovations and technological advancements in the gaming industry. In 2024, we are expecting to see more breakthrough technologies making their way into the industry. So, for this, we had our pro gaming writers do their research and put together a list of upcoming trends that will dominate the gaming sector this year. With Meta and Apple fueling the excitement with their new launches soon, gamers are in for the treat. So, let's dive in and learn about the gaming trends in 2024.

Mixed Reality Gaming

Potential mixed reality gaming has created a buzz and excitement in the gaming industry. With the recent announcement made by Apple on the launch of Apple Vision Pro, people are gearing up for the launch. Expected to launch in March 2024, mixed reality gaming with Apple Vision Pro headset will be one of the best gaming trends this year.

The cutting-edge technology has made it possible to mix both virtual and physical realities. With this innovation, gamers will get a unique gaming experience that once was only possible in sci-fi movies. Apple announced the availability of their 100 existing Apple Arcade titles with the launch. Whether you want to play those games or play bingo online, you won't be able to tell the difference between the virtual and physical worlds.

Picture yourself playing bingo online at a digital table with players from around the world. With this innovation, you can interact, play, and engage with players while sitting at your home. Bingo promotions will add to the experience through Apple Vision Pro.

Generative AI in Gaming

Generative AI was a hot topic in 2023. However, in 2024, we will start seeing its impact on the gaming world. With this technology, you can employ real-time Generative AI during gameplay to create believable characters who can engage and interact with other players. No, you will not have to read from the scripts to interact instead, Generate AI uses exclusive language models so that players can create content and have human-like interactions.

There is still an ongoing debate about the ethical use of AI image-generation software in the gaming space. That is why many devs are using software in a limited way. However, we are

expecting to see more tools and software that will assist in coding and employing advanced VFX.

Multiplayer VR innovation

Source: Unsplash As the gaming industry constantly evolves, we see the trends towards multiplayer VR gaming experiences increasing. This year, VR is revolutionizing gaming into a more interactive and engaging space. This allows players to step into the virtual world and create real-time collaboration.

This technology lets you compete with other players and create social connections and bonds with them no matter where you are sitting. Multiplayer VR game, Gorrila Tag was an instant hot among players where they can chase each other around by dragging themselves along with their hands.

This level of social engagement and competition can be exhilarating. The game has millions of daily active users. In 2024, we are expecting more innovative takes on these multiplayer VR games, particularly when paired with cutting-edge technologies like Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3.


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