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What Makes Me…


Scott Robinson first came to our attention in Brit-Award-winning boy band, 5ive back in 1997. Formed by the same team who managed the Spice Girls, the band sold over 20 million records before breaking up in 2001 after the departure of founding member, Sean Conlon.

After a couple of previous attempts to reunite, in 2021 the band has been making new music and their album, Time – their first in 20 years – is due to be released this month. In addition to his music, Scott is a DJ on Radio Essex and co-host (with Chris Brooks) of the podcast A-Z of Men.

In the first of a new regular feature, we find out what makes Scott...


Missing loved ones who have passed, and  if my wife or children are feeling ill or sad.


I am happy most of the time – I try to live my life that way! I am the happiest when I am with my wife and children, and I’m very lucky that my work life is something that I love doing.


My biggest fear is getting too old to carry on performing and I don’t like to think about that. And, I suppose, the other fear would be losing people that I love.


I would say music makes me reflective as it can take you to places.


I’m quite a confident person but I'm most confident on the stage. 

Bad drivers and selfish people make me angry.


My wife and children make me proud every day. 


I am a glass-half-full type guy – I’m very optimistic about the future!

The album Time will be released 28 January 2022. Five will be taking part in the 90’s Baby arena tour as well as their own stand-alone theatre tour.


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