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What to Gift?

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Despite the rising cost of living, most of us still consider giving a gift the done thing when attending a wedding. We spoke with Liza Baucher, Gift Guru at The Wedding Shop, to find out the results of their recent survey on gifting trends in 2024.

"In an era of rising costs, it's inspiring to see wedding guests prioritise the joy of giving. The significance of being part of someone's special day hasn't diminished, in fact it has grown stronger. This commitment to celebrating milestones with meaningful gifts, despite inflation, shows a deep-rooted value we place on these occasions and the relationships they celebrate. In a time where 99% of wedding guests still feel compelled to give gifts, it's clear that special occasions hold a unique place in our hearts. Friends and family of engaged couples love going to weddings now more than ever, we are seeing the same for gift giving. It was on pause for so long - wedding guests want to celebrate bigger, and gifting is part of that."

Key Survey Points:

  • We may be in a cost-of-living crisis, but people are getting more generous when it comes to weddings
 54% are spending between £50 and £100 per gift according to the survey of 2410 people.
  • Gifting cash through honeymoon donations is now the most popular wedding gift
 59% of guests at weddings will give cash, with 39% of them donating towards a honeymoon through a fund like Prezola.
  • It's official, wedding guests prefer giving real gifts instead of cash donations
 56% of the guests surveyed said they would prefer to buy a real present for the happy couple, with 59% of these buying it through their wedding gift list like The Wedding Shop.
  • 85% of wedding guests expect couples to have a wedding gift list or honeymoon of some sort.
While 36% say they expect a honeymoon or cash fund and 12% say they expect a dedicated gift list, 38% expect to have the choice to gift one or through a hybrid gift list such as The Wedding Shop.
A whopping 93% say that they find having a list to choose from helpful.
  • 22% of guests insist on traditional gifts
When guests are asked to donate to a cash or honeymoon fund, 22% say they would have preferred to give a physical present, using a company like The Wedding Shop which can enable both. 

This past year we also have also seen an increase in group gifting. When friends and family unite to contribute towards a shared gift, it's more than just a smart move in tough economic times; it's a gesture of camaraderie. This trend beautifully illustrates that by coming together, we can make special occasions even more memorable, reinforcing our connections and creating cherished experiences for the celebrated couple.

We’re noticing how couples are embracing the digital age for their wedding gift lists. With virtual appointments, selecting the perfect gifts becomes a seamless, personal experience, tailor-made for the modern couple. Guests appreciate the ease of faster payments, transforming the act of giving into a smooth, hassle-free process. Sharing the list is just a click away, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joy of giving, no matter the distance. Couples love the convenience of personalised URLs to effortlessly share their wedding lists, with some even requesting QR codes. These personalised links make it simple for guests to view and contribute to their curated selections, merging modern technology with traditional celebration. And, the gamified experience online adds a touch of fun and excitement, turning gift selection into an interactive adventure for both the couple and their guests.

Wedding planning is an experience in itself, with lots of personal moments and unique journeys. It's about creating a curated experience that's as memorable and meaningful as the wedding day itself. 

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