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Woman artists inspiring the world

Fearless girl

Searches for ‘art installation artists’ has seen a significant increase of 250% over the last 12 months. With Brits wanting to learn more about art culture, SINGULART reveal the female artists who positively impact public spaces around the globe through art.

Women are typically underrepresented in the art world, and of 820,000 exhibitions across the public and commercial sectors in 2018, only one third featured female artists. To recognise the work of female artists, here are some of the most impressive public art pieces that have positively impacted spaces around the world to celebrate this International Women’s Day.

Niki de Saint Phalle – Stravinsky Fountain (1982), Paris, France

This inspiring and abstract piece which neighbours the Centre Pompidou in Paris is admirable. Niki de Saint Phalle, a French American sculptor, painter, and filmmaker reflects her many talents through this piece and the sculpture moves and sprays water which mirrors the melodies of music.

Hayat Nazer – Statue of a Woman (2020), Beirut, Lebanon

Inspired to create a statue in the face of adversity, this piece represents the hardships that Beirut has fought through. The statue, made from broken pieces and glass, sits on the remains of the explosion at the port of Beirut. The piece created by Lebanese artist Hayat Nazer also serves as a reminder of the start of the nationwide anti-government protest movement.

Rosenclaire – Soap Boxes (2003), Cape Town, South Africa

Accomplished duo artists Rosemarie Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky, also known as Rosenclaire, created this public installation in attempt to inspire. The podiums represent platforms, to debate, perform or to protest. As an interactive display, this piece provides the public with an opportunity to use their voice to inspire.

Kristen Visbal – Fearless Girl (2017), New York, USA

Commissioned by the State Street Global Advisors, this public installation symbolises female empowerment and was installed on March 7th in anticipation of International Women’s Day. Kristen Visbal, from Uruguay, is recognised for the Fearless Girl being her most notable work.

Louise Borgeois – “Maman” (1999)

The sculpture which sits over 10 metres high, and nine metres wide is recognised as one of the world’s largest public installations. Titled “Maman” which translates to Mummy, the installation in the shape of a spider features a sac containing 32 marble eggs. Louise Bourgeois was inspired by her mother’s loving tendencies which included her helpfulness and protectiveness. There are currently seven permanent features of the spider art piece around the world.

Julieta XLF – “El Abrazo” (2016) Compràpica, Spain

“El Abrazo” translated means, “the hug”, which is reflective of this public installation by Julieta XLF which gives tribute to our planet and environment. To draw the public’s attention to Mother Earth, Julieta XLF, a world-renowned street artist, has completed similar work all around the globe in major cities in a bid to reconnect us with the outside world.

For more information about some of the world’s most impactful female artists, go to SINGULART’s blog:


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