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World Mental Health Day

“ There are no quick fixes for good mental or physical health. ”
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Life can be challenging. With so much going on, it’s easy to get caught up in everyday goings-on leaving little time to self-check our emotional wellbeing. World Mental Health Day on 10 October reminds us to pause and think about our mental health and what we can do to protect it.

Poor mental health can be prevented if we are supported to live well. While we need government action to fix many of the root causes of mental health problems – such as poverty, poor housing and job insecurity – there are things we can do individually to help ourselves and the people we care about to have good mental health. Like brushing our teeth, taking action to protect our mental health should be part of our daily routine.

The Mental Health Foundation of England and Wales(MHF) has produced a new guide, ‘Our Best Mental Health Tips’, based on research led by their Director, Dr Antonis Kousoulis. He comments, “our environments and experiences shape our mental health. Not everything is within our control, so we need governments and decision-makers to step up and ensure that people and communities have everything they need to thrive, including adequate income, suitable housing, and accessible leisure facilities.” Nonetheless, there are certain areas we do have control over, and following the Foundation’s Tips is a great place to start improving your own sense of wellbeing.

Dr Kousoulis adds, “Looking after the ‘fundamentals’ – our relationships, experiences, bodies, and finances – is far more likely to keep us mentally healthy than the gimmicks promoted by some in the ‘wellness’ industry, who prey on our vulnerability. There are no quick fixes for good mental or physical health. Developing healthy habits in our daily lives helps us feel okay and able to cope with everything.”

Ten Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

  • Get close to nature
  • Learn to understand your feelings
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Beware of using drugs/alcohol to cope with difficult feelings
  • Get help if you have debt problems
  • Prioritise sleep
  • Be kind and recognise that individual actions can help create a better world
  • Be active and eat well
  • Remain curious and open-minded
  • Plan things you will look forward to

*taken from Our Best Mental Health Tips, published by The Mental Health Foundation of England and Wales

The green ribbon is the symbol of mental health awareness. Wear yours to help raise awareness and support for good mental health for all. All proceeds go towards Mental Health Foundation’s vital work to prevent poor mental health.

Research shows that talking is good for your mental health. Tea & Talk is a great way to come together with friends, family or colleagues and raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation.

Download a free event pack, order your green ribbon or download the full guide to Our Best Mental Health Tips at


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