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Esther Lafferty


Is the anchor of the hugely successful Oxfordshire Artweeks festival and a keen triathlete.

Jessica Parker vj6jeo
Fri 1 Dec 2023

Oxfordshire Artweeks artists take us on a winters walk and back home to the warmth of the hearth. Visit their on-line show at to see more great art and craft that’s perfect for Christmas.

Charlie Davies p9d7fx
Fri 1 Dec 2023

Come, gather round to learn more of the mythical animals and characters they chose to showcase this autumn and hear their stories.

Thu 25 May 2023

Artweeks newcomer Deborah Hunt of Doodledash Vintage & Home is presenting vintage furniture upcycled with layered textured finishes in the Pop-up Gallery in Deddington.

Gallery cdi1zk
Thu 27 Apr 2023

Clive Goddard Illustrations

Oxfordshire Artweeks

Oxford illustrator Clive Goddard wanted to be a cartoonist from his school days but was persuaded into a ‘proper job’. It wasn’t until his 40s that he began drawing cartoons to send to magazines and newspapers in the hopes that they would publish one.

Maria Grazia Fontana mcucgd
Fri 31 Mar 2023

As we look ahead to next month’s Oxfordshire Artweeks’ exhibition, we’d like to introduce you to 12 artists and makers who will be showing as part of the festival for the very first time this year.

Fri 31 Mar 2023

Ahead of this year’s May festival, Esther Lafferty meets jeweller Tony Thomson as he prepares to open his workshop for his 30th Oxfordshire Artweeks.

Colour Town
Wed 1 Mar 2023

Abingdon’s Sue Smith is the winner of the 2023 Artweeks Mary Moser Award, an annual award intended to help develop the career of a professional artist who has taken up art as a second career later in life.

Wed 4 Jan 2023

Mallory Journals

A New Page for the New Year 

As we step into a New Year and a new chapter, we talk to Oxfordshire Artweeks designer-maker Sharon Highway of Mallory Journals who hand-binds individual and custom journals full of cheer and promise. 

Chole Romanos
Tue 1 Nov 2022

Chloe Romanos

Designed and Handcrafted Jewellery

In both silver and gold, Chloe’s jewellery has a pretty delicacy and a dainty elegance. Each has a distinctive striking character and a touch of intrigue or mysticism.

Unruly Objects and Bioconservation sytfab
Fri 30 Sep 2022

This month’s exhibition at The North Wall Arts Centre in Summertown showcases work by internationally renowned bio-artist Anna Dumitriu who produces art with living systems, bacteria and synthetic biology at its core.