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Auguste Rodin brings Sculptural Renaissance to Mons.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Mons has scheduled a major exhibition dedicated to the French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) until August 18. This exhibition is set to examine the narrative of Rodin's artistic career and the fertile ground which allowed his art to flourish - Belgium. The collection is expected to include around 200 works, including sculptures, drawings, engravings, and paintings, covering the most iconic subjects and themes of the artist. Through international loans and private collections, the exhibition will reveal the artist's sources of inspiration, including Michelangelo, Vesalius, Mabuse, and Rubins, as well as his interest in artistic innovations from the Renaissance which haven't often been taken into account.

As a former city of culture, Mons plays the role of cultural host to this critically acclaimed show. With its historic atmosphere and a vibrant vibe, museums, galleries, and historical architecture surround BAM. The Mundaneum, for instance, lays out the equivalent of the world's first Google Search "in paper," while UNESCO-listed buildings are also plentiful, such as the Belfry and the Collegiate Church on the Grand Place/Main Square.

Mons is also a place of importance in terms of industrial heritage, but also spirituality in the form of the serene hospital of Notre-Dame à la Rose. This hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe, blending art, architecture, medicine, and nature. For a more artistic experience, you can also visit Van Gogh's House in Cuesmes - the place where he began his journey as an artist.


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