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Banbury Museum & Gallery is a family friendly museum located in Banbury's town centre, next to the idyllic Oxford Canal, and opposite Tooley’s historic boatyard. The permanent collections reveal the town's origin and history with displays on the Civil War, plush manufacturing, the Victorian market town and costume from the 17th century; to the present day.

The Pye Gallery features an ever-changing programme of temporary exhibitions, discover local artists, crafts, and souvenirs in our museum shop; and visit our onsite partners Pavement Coffee Co. canalside for brunch, lunch, cakes and coffee.


Heroes of the Viking World

Runs until Sun 6th November 2022

In this age, where superheroes exist only in fiction, discover some of the real-life hero ‘celebrities’ of the Viking world, including Eric Bloodaxe – last Viking King of York, and Harald Hardrada – the thunderbolt of the North.

Explore how they were celebrated and what archaeological evidence can tell us about their stories, with Viking-age human remains, facial reconstruction of a skull, replica objects, and interactive activities. Delve into the world of Viking myth and uncover the superpowers of Viking gods and immerse yourself in the smells and sights of the Viking Age in our replica Viking tent!

Our summer children’s events programme includes activities, crafts, and games, and runs over the 6 week’s holiday.


Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

Sat 10am-5pm

Sun 11am-3pm

Entry to the Museum is free. Admission charges apply for temporary exhibitions and events.


Find us @banburymuseum on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


Spiceball Park Rd, Banbury

OX16 2PQ