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Welcome to Beachborough,

a school where learning and having fun go hand in hand. Happy children are successful children and we focus on creating an inspiring, nurturing learning adventure where each and every child can flourish.

We encourage children

to challenge themselves without fear of failure, to try new things and be open to a wide range of experiences: take a maths challenge, join a band, sing in a choir, compete in a triathlon, build a racing car, design an App, spend the night on a warship, dress up as an ancient Egyptian, learn photography, perform Shakespeare - just have a go! Give each child opportunities and encouragement, then watch them blossom.

We enable children

to embrace skills which will prepare them for lifelong learning, giving them not only the confidence and ability to think for themselves and approach problems with imagination and determination but the resilience and self-discipline to keep on trying.


Tel: 01280 700071


Beachborough School, Westbury, Nr. Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 5LB