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Breathe360 brings you and your family a comprehensive health and wellness suite under one roof, offering a consumer journey with a difference. Cutting through all of the confusion and mixed messages out there, we are helping people discover what total wellness can do for you, and deliver science holistically. 

Offering a compelling range of tailored treatments that focus on cell rejuvenation, natural products and inner healing qualities, alongside eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise which includes a range of EMF energy protection, Breathe360 is growing as a much loved, trusted brand and source of guidance.

Our Message is clear and simple, we help you to achieve optimal health and a state of total well-being by taking your health into your own hands. After all, we are what we absorb physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

With so much confusion in the market and mixed messages about general health and well-being, Breathe360 is a breath of fresh air.

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Breathe360 is based in Oxfordshire and is currently the only UK seller on selected product ranges.

Our Accessories and Clothing range are mainly manufactured in London, UK, and are first class in quality, but with prices that remain easy on the pocket, making them available to all.

We bring to you a beautiful range of creation and design that has your total wellbeing in mind.

Our Merchandise focuses on being eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% vegan, along with protecting you and your family from the harms and dangers of EMF with our Orgonite range.

Our Products are specifically sourced for their natural ingredients and inner healing qualities.


Massage & Bodywork to help relax, and release stress & muscular tension.

Energy-Point Treatments to rejuvenate and improve energy flow, helping clients to correct information at cellular level to feel better, quickly.

The Total Release Experience helps to combat symptoms of STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, CHRONIC PAIN, PTSD & TRAUMA, & provides a self-help toolkit to empower the client.

9 weeks to wellness tailored programme delivered either online or in-clinic for anyone who wishes to transform their total wellbeing and experience long term positive results whilst gaining a self-help toolkit for Life.

Retreats with a focus on your total wellness, addressing your health and well-being at an energetic and cellular level. This 3 day experience is both unforgettable and life transforming.

Our focus on the 7 principles of health completing a 360approach to your Total Health Wealth & Wellness.

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Tel: 07739 309422

Opening Hours: By appointment

31 Harcourt Way, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 1NU