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Carfax Tutors take an innovative approach to education - our teaching methods are designed to build confidence in young people and give them a positive and memorable experience in their journey of learning.

Our tutoring model takes children beyond basic exam preparation to broaden and deepen their knowledge of subjects with the aim of inspiring a lifelong intellectual curiosity. In a 1:1 setting we are able to challenge traditional teaching methods to help children of all ages and academic levels, fall in love with learning. 

Our tutors not only provide the very best teaching, but also act as mentors that students can learn from and look up to for a rounded education experience. Our flexible approach to learning means we can support every child to achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious.  

We provide private tuition both in-person and online; lessons can be practiced in your home, or you can visit our independent college, Carfax College, based in the heart of Oxford.  We also design full-time homeschooling plans, and our tutors can travel to you for additional support, for as long as you need.   
Carfax Tutors is a subsidiary of Carfax Education, an award-winning provider in educational services.

Main Services: 

  • 1-1 subject specific tuition; online & in-person
  • After-school tuition
  • Homeschooling
  • Half term revision programmes
  • Exam preparation





Phone: +44 (0)20 7927 6207