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Have your heard…there’s crocodiles in the Cotswolds!

Just two minutes off the A40 between Witney and Burford is one of Oxfordshire’s best kept secrets...the UK’s only crocodile zoo! Crocodiles of the World is a unique all-weather attraction that brings visitors face-to-face with some of the world’s most prehistoric predators.

Located in Brize Norton, Crocodiles of the World is dedicated to the conservation of crocodiles and boasts one of the widest collections of crocodile species in the world. With animal feeds throughout the day, you’ll be captivated as you learn about some of the amazing animals at the zoo.

Why not book a keeper experience? You can learn what it’s like to be a croc keeper with a croc keeper experience, or feed jumping crocs with a Nile croc feed experience. Or perhaps you’d like to feed the world’s largest living species of  Lizard – a Komodo dragon, meet the Meerkats, feed Giant Galapagos Tortoises or help feed a Binturong, who uniquely smells like fresh popcorn!

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