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A Full-Service Experience For Independent Living.

Our mission is to help people maintain their independence, choice and quality of life. Our driving and companion services are designed to support those with physical or mental disabilities, developmental issues and other social needs. We aim to help give people the freedom and confidence to get out and do the things they love, whilst providing a safe, caring and reliable service tailored to individual needs.

We believe that everyone should be empowered to live life to the fullest and we strive to make that a reality.

Our transport services go beyond those of taxis, public transport, and volunteering groups. We provide safety, support, camaraderie, disability accessibility, dignity in care, specialist training, physical and learning disability awareness and expertise, and most importantly, trust.

This bridges the gap between existing transportation and volunteer services.

Going the extra mile: We provide a door-to-door service. Our experienced Companion Drivers will pick clients up, drive them to their destination, help with anything they may need and safely bring them home, allowing as much time as necessary for each client's needs.  We can even make a cuppa for them before we leave!



07308 475489


48 Wantage Rd, Didcot,

OX11 0BT