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Duvall Park Homes offers you a unique new development in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. A great place to live if you are semi-retired and trying to find a perfect place. We will help to build a best park home of your choice and help with all related questions. You can choose from one of our recommended park homes, or we will help you to choose and build a house from leading manufacturer's catalogs.

The park has fantastic transport links, with a bus stop at the park entrance for your convenience. This makes exploring the local area both easy and stress-free. As well as the bus stop, a Dial A Bus service is also available to pick up residents at their door. We have a fantastic close-knit community at Duvall Park, we currently hold 2-3 events per year. 

Our dedicated sales team are on hand to deal with any queries you may have when making the move to Duvall Park. All homes are in the council tax bracket band A, we offer a full 12-month residential license for the semi-retired. You also benefit from being protected by an act of law called the Mobile Homes Act.

Duvall Park Homes

Camp Road
Upper Heyford
OX25 5LX

T. 01869 232048