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Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner based Near Faringdon. For all of your Beauty Cosmetic & Personal Care.

My name is Danielle Hall, I am an advanced aesthetics practitioner, my clinic is based a short distance from Faringdon in Oxfordshire. I started in the Beauty industry over 20 years ago, mainly offering nails and waxing. I got married and had two children and decided to look into the industry again. After some time I realsied that Beauty was still my passion and that I love making people feel better about themselves, after retraining for a year I set up my business in 2021 Etta & Elle Aesthetics. 

I offer a wide range of treatments. Fillers for lips, cheeks, jaws and chin, under eye, 3 point liquid Rhinoplasty, different treatments for unwanted lines and creases on the face. Fat dissolving, mironeedling for the face and body, scaring, blemishes, dermaplaning (Peach fuzz removal) Vitamin B12 injections. 

I offer free consultations to work with my clients to enhance and treat problem areas. 

To some the thought of changing a feature on your face or body that you dislike can be thought of as out of reach, however these treatments done well are completely in reach to everyone, we can enhance many features of the face and body, the confidence that this brings with my clients is what makes me love my job. 

The treatments I offer are non surgical, this means that most treatments you can carry on with your normal lives and have little or no downtime. Some treatments it is best not to exercise or drink alcohol for 48 hours however this is minimal compared to surgery recovery times. 

I am always looking to improve my already high level of understanding of how our skin works, I will be in the near future offering laser hair removal, this is a permanent hair removal procedure again with no down time. I have attended two seminars this year and another one in October to keep up to date with new products and new procedures, all improving my service that I can then offer to my clients. 

Please come and see me for a free consultation and have a chat about my favourite subject in the world. 


Contact Danielle for your free Consultation - 07730921000