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Where luxury homeware meets sustainable gifting, Folly & Wild has it all in one place.

Hand poured in the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, the focus of our company is to create beautiful, luxury gifting which are vegan, earth friendly and made from the most beautiful natural ingredients, all of which have been sourced either within Oxfordshire, or small businesses across the UK.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or something special for your own home, Folly & Wild have a selection of traditional and modern homeware to suit all budgets and interiors. 

Choose from our ready to go stock, or have your very own bespoke home decor made to your exact specifications.

Folly & Wild pride ourselves on our refill ethic, so when you have finished your sustainable home decor fragrance, simply pop online and order a refill.  Not only do they save you money,  but they save on waste too, and the best bit? You can even repurpose the refill bottles.

Why not have a look online today and see if you would like your home adorned with beautiful, natural guilt free products. 

We look forward to making your orders.