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Lotus India Adventures is unlike other tour companies…

We like to keep group sizes small, we prefer "off the beaten track" destinations and choose mostly family run, boutique, and wherever possible, eco hotels.

Specialising for the last ten years only in India travel - we aim to give you an authentic 'hands-on' experience of India's extraordinary culture, spirituality, history and wildlife. We like to keep our tours as relaxed as possible and aim to give you the sense of adventure, freedom and wonder you would experience as an independent traveler. Perhaps this is why most of our travellers have come back with us a second time.

Hari and Carrie who lead the journeys have been living, studying and working in India for many years. They are holistic therapists and also run The Lotus Retreat - a yoga centre and India boutique in Oxfordshire. They also specialise is designing bespoke tours of India - creating unique trips perfect for your individual interests and budget.

Lotus India Adventures Programme

Undiscovered South India - 20th January - 2nd February 2024

On this journey of a lifetime you will experience the luscious beauty of north Kerala’s backwaters, stay in a Jungle Retreat in the remote Wayanad Hills, wander amongst the ruins in the ancient kingdom of Hampi, and sleep just a stones throw from one of Goa’s most tranquil beaches.

Lakes and Palaces - 16th - 29th February &12th - 25th November 2024

a rich and romantic journey that starts by tracing the silk route of northern Rajasthan from the painted towns of Shekawati, via Bikaner in the Thar desert, before heading south to Jodhpur fort and onto the lush hills and lakes of Udaipur.

Treasure of the East (Tribes and Temples of Orissa) - 7th - 20th February 2025

A unique chance to explore this fascinating and rarely travelled region of India - with its unique wildlife, tribal culture and ancient temples.

“I have joined 3 Lotus Adventures and I can’t recommend them enough! You’ll be safely exposed to the pure magic of travel and provided with spiritual insight into a vibrant India you may not otherwise ever get to see.”

Alex Barron, Faringdon

“The trip was wondrous, exciting and at no time did I feel like a tourist. Since then I have been on 2 more trips…Hari and Carrie will show you the real India and share with you their love and knowledge of this astonishing country.”

Sonia Oliver, Coleshill