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Come and explore the 1,000-year history of Oxford Castle and Prison! Step back in time with our costumed guided tours and see fascinating stories come to life. Find gorgeous views atop of St. George’s Tower and then descend into the atmospheric crypt of St Georges Chapel. Here you can touch the stones where Oxford University was rumoured to begin and stand in the birthplace of King Arthur. Explore the austere confines of the prisons’ D-Wing and debtors tower, here you can wander the cells and learn about our youngest inmates.

On your visit…

CLIMB the Saxon St. George’s Tower, one of the oldest buildings in Oxford, and enjoy its stunning 360° panoramic views over the historic city of Oxford

DESCEND deep underground into the atmospheric 900-year-old crypt, the only surviving remains of St. George’s Chapel

EXPLORE the austere confines of the 18th-century Debtors’ Tower and Prison D-Wing

MARVEL at the mound of the 11th century Motte-and-Bailey castle, and discover its vaulted Well Chamber

EDUCATE yourself about the modern history of the site and its inmates, in our historical Exhibition Wing

We run a variety of events throughout the year; in the summer we have Knight School, a medieval inspired workshop which trains children into becoming little warriors whilst Ghost Fest is sure to give you a scare over Halloween. Head to our website to see what’s on!


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