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Having suitable curtains and blinds are an integral part of completing the look and feel of an interior design scheme. You may have spent hours selecting a fresh new colour scheme, bought the paint or wallpaper, even booked the decorator, if you are not going to do the work yourself, but do you know how to dress the windows to complete the look?

Curtains and Roman blinds not only afford privacy when dark falls and internal lights go on, but they also play an important role in keeping a room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. For most homes, on average 30% of total heat within the home is lost through the windows and around two-thirds of this will be due to radiation through the glazing. If you choose lined curtains or Roman blinds, particularly those with interlining between the outer layer and the back lining, you can help insulate your windows, keeping the room warmer in winter and cool in the summer.

For customers living in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, artisan seamstress Karen Rye from Rye Soft Furnishings would be delighted to help you choose the most suitable window dressing for your home. For many years, Karen has made beautiful hand sewn curtains, Roman blinds and cushions from her studio in Abingdon. With a wealth of practical knowledge, Karen collaborates with her clients to help you choose a suitable style of curtain or Roman blind for your windows, whilst providing a range of fabric samples to help you select the most suitable material to complete your overall look and feel of the room. She can also advise you on which type of lining to select as the linings do play an integral part in the overall finish along with other factors in the window treatment.

Once the curtains or blinds are complete, you do not have to worry about putting up new fixtures or fittings as Rye Soft Furnishings have their own dedicated, professional fitter to undertake the work.

“I have found that many of my clients know they need something at their windows but are not quite sure what would look best. In modern homes, Roman blinds which can be neatly folded to let the daylight in and dropped down when required, can be the most suitable finishing touch. They also work well in bathrooms, kitchens and study areas. All the blinds I make comply with the latest child safety regulations and will be supplied using high quality lining and interlining when required. Curtains are also available with in a range of styles from triple pleats and pencil headings through to the more contemporary eyelets and other contemporary styles. Once I see the room the window dressings are required for, I can make the appropriate recommendations.”

Karen also makes a range of scatter and bolster cushions for both indoors and out. She is also happy to undertake commissions working with interior designers.


To book your consultation, contact Karen: