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Sunshine Cat Rescue, covering West Oxfordshire, began in 2012 and is run entirely by volunteers, totally dependent upon its own fundraising to maintain and run the charity. The charity’s aim is to reduce the suffering of cat/kittens in need of care and attention by providing shelter until new homes are found, whilst trying to reduce the number of cats/kittens needing help.

Cats/kittens that come into the Charity’s care are vet-checked, medically treated as appropriate and then stay with a fosterer until a new home is identified following a home-check to ensure that the cat is placed in an environment that suits its temperament.

We emphasise the importance of neutering to reduce the number of unwanted felines - kittens as young as four months old are capable of having a litter - and operate a trap and neuter policy for feral cats before returning them to their colony.

Charity Number: 1154876

Sunshine Cat Rescue

01993 831 279

Instagram: @sunshinecatrescue

Facebook: @thesunshinecatrescue