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RAM OF AMUN RE About 680 BC  Granite gneiss  Kawa  Sudan
GUY FAWKES LANTERN  c  1605  Iron and horn  London  England
EWER 1600 1610. Gold and lapis lazuli Prague
NETSUKE 1800  1840  Wood and horn  Japan
KNOSSOS STORAGE JAR 1450 1400 BC  Ceramic  Knossos  Crete  Greece
CONVENT THOUGHTS  Charles Allston Collins 1850 51
THE HUNT IN THE FOREST  Paolo di Dono  called Uccello  c  1465 1470
ENNUI  Walter Richard Sickert 1917 1918

Have you seen

the original lantern used by Guy Fawkes on 5 November? Or the dog who inspired Nana in Peter Pan? If Guy Fawkes had got his wayback in 1605, his lantern would certainly have helped light up the Houses of Parliament. Fortunately for the roomful of MPs sitting just above his head, the whole idea was snuffed out by an intrepid magistrate named Peter Heywood, whose brother donated the lantern to the Ashmolean for safekeeping. Find it in Gallery 2: The Ashmolean Story.

Mark Gertler’s painting

of Gilbert Cannan and his Mill also features Gilbert’s two faithful dogs Luath and Porthos. It just so happens that Porthos was previously owned by JM Barrie and inspired the fictional dog ‘Nana’ who looked after the children in Peter Pan. You can find the dogs in Gallery 62: Modern Art.

Step into

half a million years of art and history, and discover these and other treasures when you visit the Ashmolean Museum, the University of Oxford’s museum of art and archaeology.

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