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The Skoda we know today hit on a very simple formulae; a winning one.

Chrissie Woodward on the Skoda Superb

“A large family car that boasts great practicality, equipment levels, value for money and some of the most satisfied owners around" (Ridgeway Skoda)
"What a forward thinking young lady I was."

I think of myself as always having had psychic powers; but my 21 year old self would not have predicted that all these years later I would be regarded as a trendsetter.

Skoda know for a start that we appreciate a bargain. Value for money is a winner in anyone’s book.


“How are you a trendsetter?” You may ask. Did I follow the stampede to Biba in the 70s or Laura Ashley in the 80s or Gucci the following decade?

None of the above.

By choosing my very first car at the tender age of 21, that’s how.

My first car was a Skoda. I now realise what a forward thinking young lady I was.

I like beautiful, powerful cars, designer shoes, handbags, diamonds and rubies. One can see I have a taste for luxury but unfortunately not the funds.

So what I do is look for quality and excellence that does fit my bank balance.

Cue Skoda, winning award’s left, right and centre.

The Skoda we know today hit on a very simple formulae; a winning one. Skoda know for a start that we appreciate a bargain. Value for money is a winner in anyone’s book.

You can, as Skoda have, take the concept a little further, and make the product totally ‘fit for purpose’. And why not throw quality into the equation too, and then you’re on to a sure winner. That’s Skoda for you.

Being the flagship product, the Superb’s start price is around £22,000 representing remarkable value for money, wrapped in a prestige quality package. With an exceptionally spacious interior cabin; even a six footer can sit in the back fully stretched out. Have a good look around whilst you’re in there and you’ll find premium style quality switchgear and fittings. Step out, slide your hands around the faultless paint and panel finish, and it could easily be mistaken for a car of much higher value. If it wasn’t actually called the superb, you’d be tempted to call it so.

Welcome, as we do, the more purposeful and arresting lines of the new Superb in place of the admittedly bland lines of its predecessor, there only remains the very personal choice of the power plant. That choice is a complex one, for there are no less than four turbo charged petrol and three turbo charged diesel engines to choose from, ranging from 120PS up to a meaty powerful 380 PS. The top seller, and the fleet buyer’s favourite is the 2.0 litre TDI (diesel) with an equally wallet and environmentally friendly 108g/km of CO2, and a pocket inviting 68.9m mpg. This one eats long distance cross country travel for breakfast, and pulls impressively from low to mid-range speeds.

The Superb extends its all-purpose appeal with the option of four wheel drive too, and the reassurance of added handling safety.

It’s hard to go wrong with the Superb for this kind of money. In fact you could treat yourself to a damn good holiday with the change you get from buying this over something with a prestige brand name. Superb? Say no more.


Engine: 2.0 TDI 150PS | Transmission: Six-speed manual


Combined mpg: 68.9mpg | CO2: 108g/km | Max speed: 137mph | 0-62 mph: 8.8 secs


Recommended OTR: £22,090


Ridgeway Skoda


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