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East London Style Vibes by MI Magazine

MI Magazine moved from their old office at Smithfield Market and into a fashion studio so as to absorb all the fashion juices Hackney produces

We eat our avocados on toasts next to instagramers who spend more time styling their photos then stylists do at photo shoots...

What is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language like Chinese? Would you join a weekly Chinese class, do the weekly lessons or would you opt for an online course because it’s cheaper and fits better with your schedule? Or maybe an audio course to listen to during your daily commutes is the most effective?

My answer to this, as a person who speaks 3 foreign languages including English, Italian and Spanish, is to forget about all of the above artificial ways of learning a language and do what Julia Roberts did in Eat Pray Love, quit your job, leave your country, move to China with a Chinese family and if possible fall in love with a Chinese boy – I guarantee that you will learn Chinese in no time!


You are probably wondering by now what mastering a language has to do with East London Style. Well as it turns out, learning a language effectively and learning about fashion trends demand the same kind of commitment – you need to move to a style community and live, eat, party and work with fashion people to be able to learn how to preach style to your audience.

At MI Magazine that’s exactly what we did, we moved from our old office at Smithfield Market and into a fashion studio with London based designer Holly Fulton, so as to absorb like a sponge all the fashion juices Hackney produces. Hackney, like China is the master producer of ‘hipster’ goods; namely what the normal things like clothes, beer and food are to the ordinary Joe and Jane but have high intrinsic value for the insiders of the community as ordinary goods are beautified with ‘touches’ and ‘details’ like the leaf on the coffee, the perfectly trimmed gentlemen beard, the low key looking designer sunglasses, the skinny ripped jeans and the expensive and hand crafted stationary.

We are in the midst of all this at MI Magazine, where we regularly drink our £3 coffee made by trendy cyclists turned baristas. We eat our avocados on toasts next to instagramers who spend more time styling their photos then stylists do at photo shoots just to snap it with their iPhone6, we ride the bus next to the purple bleached hair gallerina turned yoga instructor, we attend rooftop parties thrown by the biggest DJs in Ibiza, dine at celebrity chef master carving classes, sip Jasmine punch at the London Edition Hotel and all the while cover the national luxury events like the Chelsea Flower Show and Ascot.

All these ideas are available and all these opportunities are possible because we live and learn from the Hackney style community, which looks as a whole to the outsider who reads about Shoreditch in exactly the same way learning Chinese seems to the the busy clerk – an enigmatic mess, but as our insider stories tell you, Hackney is highly diverse, individualistic and competitive – the ideal environment for style innovations, with MI Magazine as part of the scene sharing it with you multiple times a day.

For regular style updates directly from East London check out MI Magazine (currently still going under its old name Indigo Memoirs) at indigomemoirs.com and follow regular updates on twitter @M_IMagazine, instagram @mimagazine and facebook mimagazineofficial

- Marta Jankovska, Editor in Chief, MI Magazine


Top Image - MI Magazine Editors Mar Jan and Salli unveiling some of their London Looks next to the London Fields Office © John Paul Hion

Middle Image - Graffiti Art in East London as Featured on MI Magazine © John Paul Hion

Bottom Image - MI Magazine Mar Jan and Salli enjoying Banana Loaf and Coffee at the Look Mum No Hands Cafe © John Paul Hion


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