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FLOW by Amarita Vargas

Amarita Vargas is a visual artist capturing the essence of energy and flow in her abstract works, which you can see at Oxford’s Jam Factory until 3rd April
"I don’t recall seeing anything that similar"

Strongly influenced by her career as a flamenco dancer, Amarita Vargas pares movement down to a minimal statement using a restricted palette of tones.


Her paintings may be created in her studio in Oxfordshire or whilst travelling in Spain. She recently exhibited two canvases in the exhibition ‘Flamenco: Entre Lo Figurativo Y Lo Abstracto’ at the Museo del Baile Flamenco in Sevilla and her artist’s books are in the collection of the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

“It is the placing of the sound in the space that is important - the resonance that a step has when it is surrounded by exactly the right amount of silence. In the same way the drawing needs this relationship. The stroke carves out space that holds the immediacy and vibrancy of the gesture. The real practice is in understanding this relationship of form to space and sound to silence” (Amarita Vargas 2016).

“I don’t recall seeing anything that similar. I’m sure Picasso and others have made squiggles like these yet not perhaps with the same deliberate purpose” (Rosie Miles National Art Library, V&A).

Amarita Vargas' work is at Oxford’s Jam Factory until 3rd April.

For further information and a gallery of Amarita’s artwork see www.blackwhiteart.org


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