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From a Girl to a Man: How Laura Became Michael is a book by Liz Hodgkinson. It tells the story of Laura Dillon, the first woman to go through a female-to-male sex change, thus becoming Michael Dillon (photographed here).

Four days to Oxford Literary Festival

With the Oxford Literary Festival only four days away, Jeremy Smith provides a brief guide to some of the more...Intriguing events taking place over its 10-day run
Editor-at-large Jeremy Smith

"John Harris' Gin and Tonic Tasting Saturday 9th April does – joyously – what it says on the tin"

Certainly one of the most promising Oxford Lit Fest events is taking place Wednesday 6th April at the Weston Lecture Theatre.


Entitled 'Hidden Killers of the Post-War Home', its presenter – historian, author and broadcaster Suzannah Lipscomb – delves into the look, feel and materials of the post-war 1950s home and discovers some unexpected dangers.

On the same day at the Bodleian: Divinity School 'The First Sex Changes: How Laura Became Michael and Robert Became Roberta will undoubtedly prove both fascinating and moving.

Liz Hodgkinson, author of a new book about the first woman to undergo a female-to-male sex change, and Diana Cowell, daughter of the first man to undergo a male-to-female sex change, will discuss these interlinked stories and the consequent impact these transformations had on their families.

Equally enthralling will undoubtedly be Professor Tim Birkhead's 'The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird's Egg' Monday 4th April at the Oxford Martin School.

Professor Birkhead will explain which end of an egg is laid first, why their shapes differ, why some contain two yolks and why shell patterns vary.

An annual event, John Harris' Gin and Tonic Tasting Saturday 9th April does – joyously – what it says on the tin. And who can argue with that?


- Jeremy Smith


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