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Kevin McCloud's 2015 Green Heroes

Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes will return to Grand Designs Live London, from 2-10 May 2015

Only with Coast Eco Timber's underwater logging processes are we able to harvest such treasures...

Back by popular demand for its fifth year running, Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes will return to Grand Designs Live London, from 2-10 May 2015. The handpicked selection of the most important eco-innovations in green design will sit at the heart of the exhibition, providing the stage for un-sung designers to showcase their designs and inventions.

In his role at the forefront of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud has documented hundreds of buildings over the past two decades. This has given him an enormously wide knowledge of materials, the latest technologies and new sustainable practices in the construction market, making him the perfect assessor of the most inventive, new eco products and ideas.


Inspired by this passion for innovative eco-friendly product design, in 2010 Kevin launched Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes for the first time and here is a selection of this year’s selection.


Cycloc creates award-winning, simple and stylish cycle storage solutions, with a range of five unique products that can be used in homes, offices and retail spaces.

One of Cycloc’s renowned innovations, Solo provides elegant and effortless bike storage that is ideal for home, office and retail display applications. Bikes can be stored horizontally or vertically, with capacity for accessories in the centre as well as the facility to lock the bike in place. Incredibly versatile, the whole unit can be rotated to accommodate different frame angles.

Tom Raffield

Handcrafted in his studio in Cornwall, England, the range of contemporary lighting and furniture Tom creates is based on beauty, integrity and a desire to create unique, high-specification products.

The beautiful sculptural form of Tom’s iconic No. 1 Pendant is hand crafted using around 80 metres of wood. Steam bent strips of ash (pale wood), oak (medium wood) or walnut (dark wood) are woven, coiled and twisted around one another to produce a unique and stunning lampshade. The twisted loops that create the body of this shade have been woven by skilled craftsmen in such a way that the light casts beautiful shadows into the room when lit.


Adaptavate are re-thinking and re-designing the way building materials are made for a low carbon, healthy built environment of the future. Breathaboard is Adaptavate’s novel solution to plasterboard, something that is currently classified as hazardous waste.

Adaptavate has designed an innovative fabric solution that is a direct replacement to plasterboard, Breathaboard passively controls the moisture in the home due to the novel composite Adaptavate has developed. This reduces condensation, mould and the need for mechanical ventilation, creating healthy, low carbon, energy efficient buildings of the future.

Chimney Sheep Ltd

The Chimney Sheep is an affordable and environmentally friendly chimney draft excluder made from 100% wool, uniquely sourced from Herdwick sheep in Cumbria. The product has been proven to save the average homeowner up to £74 a year on their heating bill by stopping the loss of four per cent of household heat through a chimney – a figure which increases for houses with more than one chimney.

In November 2013, the product was recognised by the Green Economy Awards, winning the 2013 SME energy efficiency category sponsored by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.


Foldability is a London based design studio specialising in interior products inspired by origami and geometry. The Sonobe Collection is a series of origami inspired lighting designs hand-made in London by designer, Kyla McCallum. Each one is made using paper squares that are folded and pieced together entirely by hand.

The Natural Tile Company

Based in Holt, Norfolk and formed in 2011, the Natural Tile Company has a view to bring stunning, innovative and luxurious ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles to the UK market with a bespoke service for every customer.

100% recycled crushed glass tile and locally sourced raw waste glass, is crushed, the natural pigment is added, then its fired and transformed into stunning recycled glass tiles. The result is a beautiful, sustainable recycled glass tile line that is available for residential and commercial projects.

The Reclaimed Flooring Company

The Reclaimed Flooring Company considers all of its reclaimed treasures and tailor-made creations to be pioneering vessels of creativity and craftsmanship across flooring, cladding and furniture. The cornerstone and culture of The Reclaimed Flooring Company is to keep wood just like wood, full of raw character, personality and timeless beauty.

The Reclaimed Flooring Company has teamed up with Coast Eco Timber  from Panama,

where rare and exotic eco timbers are harvested from forgotten underwater jungles and turned into immense floorboards, slabs and furniture. Many of these exotic, endangered wood species are not available in today’s global market; only with Coast Eco Timber's underwater logging processes are we able to harvest such treasures.

See all these products and have the chance to purchase and take them home yourself at the show. Grand Designs Live is the ultimate destination for home owners and self-builders and returns to London ExCel, 2 - 10 May 2015.


Top Image - Tom Raffield

Middle Image - Foldability

Bottom Image - Cycloc


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