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Oxford Pet Spa

The Sun Spa, a beauty, tanning and nail salon in Abingdon, has recently opened its doors to a different kind of clientele!
When visiting Ali your dog will enjoy pampering in a relaxed and quiet environment and will always be handled with patience, care and kindness

The concept of getting pampered with your pooch is hugely popular in the States with our furry friends commonly visiting a beauty salon with their owner. Whilst clients relax having a facial or a pedicure, their feline companion can enjoy a wash and fluff, pawdicure or a full groom in the parlour next door!


The idea of the Oxford Pet Spa arose when the groomer that Ali used was off on maternity leave. She searched desperately for a good groomer for her three Maltese Terriers and realised that this was something the area lacked. Also, out of the mobile or salon based groomers in Oxfordshire, not many held actual certificates or had any qualifications for dog grooming. She found this surprising because, if someone was using sharp scissors on her pets, at the very least she would expect them to be qualified and have adequate insurance cover in case anything went wrong.

As well as her three dogs, Ali has four British Shorthair kitties at home and is passionate about pets! Her dream has always been to work with animals and, at the beginning of February, that dream became a reality. The Oxford Pet Spa welcomes all dogs from tiny Toy Terriers to giant Great Dane's! You can take comfort in the fact that Ali is a City & Guilds Level 3 qualified doggy stylist and has trained in dealing with all types of emergency situations. She offers a one-to-one VIP service where the comfort and safety of your pet is paramount. When visiting Ali your dog will enjoy pampering in a relaxed and quiet environment and will always be handled with patience, care and kindness.

Oxford Pet Spa offers a complete range of professional services from bathing and brushing to clipping and hand-stripping. They also offer a collection and delivery service from surrounding areas with prices starting from £5.00 depending on distance.

They have a comfortable, modern and stylish grooming parlour equipped with the latest hydrobath, hydraulic table and low noise dryers. The hydrobath is powerful enough to penetrate the thickest of coats and yet gentle enough to massage the skin and ensure a pleasant bathing experience for your pooch. They use only high quality natural shampoos that are kind to the skin and leave your dog’s coat in a great condition and smelling lovely!


Why groom?

Regular grooming is extremely important for your canine friend. Not only does it keep dogs’ coats looking nice, clean, healthy and manageable, it also enables you to do a quick health check to ensure your pet and coat stay in tip-top condition!

There are many benefits to grooming your dog. As well as aerating the coat and ensuring healthy growth, it promotes good blood circulation. Grooming helps to keep grease levels down — a build-up of grease in a dog’s coat can block pores and cause sebaceous cysts and unpleasant odours.

Most dogs live indoors and so moult quicker and more often than their wild counterparts, causing the loose hairs to become matted. If not brushed out regularly, they form into heavy wads which can drag the skin down, causing soreness and skin complaints.

Grooming is also the perfect opportunity for you to check your dog over to ensure he’s healthy. Giving him a once-over also enables you to check for any balls of matted fur between his paw pads, which can sometimes become hard with dirt and grease, causing discomfort.

On an emotional level, grooming reduces stress in both parties, helping dog and owner to relax and build up a close bond. When you groom your dog start when he’s a pup to get him used to the procedure – you’ll get to know him better, both physically and mentally.


Grooming prices

All prices depend on the size of your pet and condition of the coat. Your furry friends will leave with a complimentary bow or ribbon and a splash of doggy cologne! Please call/email if you require a quote for a specific breed. As a guide, prices are as follows:


Small breeds (Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland Terrier, Bichion Frise, Shit Tzu, Lhasa Apso etc)

Full grooms start at £25.00 Wash and fluff £10.00


Medium breeds (Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Shetland Sheepdog, Kerry Blue etc)

Full grooms start at £30.00 Wash and fluff £15.00


Large breeds (Rough Collie, Labradoodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Airedale Terrier etc)

Full grooms start at £35.00 Wash and fluff £20.00


Giant breeds (Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog, St. Bernard etc)

Full grooms start at £40.00 Wash and fluff £25.00


Puppy Package – £15.00

Suitable for puppies six months or younger, our package includes a wash, fluff and brush, nail and ear care, a foot and face trim and a splash of cologne to keep them looking and feeling wonderful!

We also offer free puppy learning visits for puppies up to 22 weeks old. Your puppy is introduced to the grooming room and equipment in a positive and relaxed way, with lots of treats and praise. Dogs who we have introduced as puppies love coming to be groomed at the Oxford Pet Spa and tend to arrive with a relaxed and happy owner in tow!


Other services

VIP Package £5.00 Extra

Make your pampered pooch’s visit even more special with a VIP upgrade! Includes luxury shampoo, moisturising conditioner, breath freshening foam, paw and pad wax and a splash of cologne!

Tips & Toes Package £10.00

Nail clipping, ear plucking and cleaning and a splash of cologne!

Handstripping – price dependent on breed

The coats on certain breeds of dog needs to be hand stripped to preserve the colour and texture. Please contact us for a quote.

Pawdicure £15.00

Feet trimmed, nails clipped, nail polish, paw and pad wax and a splash of cologne!

Toe nails clipped £7.00

Quick groom (30 mins)£18.00

Wash n fluff, paws tidied, nails clipped, ears and eyes cleaned and a splash of cologne!

Moisturizing treatment for hairless breeds £10.00

Doggy Facial £15.00

Face washed and trimmed, eyes cleaned, ears plucked and cleaned, breath freshening foam and a splash of cologne!