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The Importance of Helath Eating

The Importance of Healthy Eating

The vast majority of people underestimate the importance of healthy eating, and are losing touch with the true value of food and the importance of fruit and vegetables in our diet
The Importance of Helath Eating

Daily pressed juice cleanse will be on your doorstep by 6am each morning of your cleanse

Rosie Dickinson, founder of exciting new Oxfordshire based organic, cold pressed juice cleanse company The Healthy Juice Company, shares her values and top tips on eating and living heavily in our modern world


The human body is extraordinary, performing endless functions every day, even whilst we sleep. Every cell and organ in your body requires certain nutrients to function efficiently. Your body relies on you to provide it with what it needs on a daily basis and poor nutrition is on the other end of many diseases. Many people in the UK now have digestive issues. The health of our digestive system is the basis of our overall wellbeing as it is here where our food is broken down and nutrients absorbed. A poor digestive system = poor nutrient absorption, even if your diet is perfect.

The Importance of Helath Eating


If only we left school with a manual of how to look after ourselves properly. We learn the basics but never truly understand what our bodies require on a daily basis to function and how important nourishing, good, clean, fresh wholesome food is. Fast food is considered a ‘treat’ when often it is nothing more than over processed, empty calories containing added sugar, fat and salt and often containing artificial ingredients which our bodies find difficult and sometimes impossible to process. Why are we so eager to eat that?

I would love to encourage people to question what they are eating and using on their bodies – don’t simply accept that just because it’s on a shelf with a branded label, that it’s perfectly alright. Check the label – if it contains something which you can’t pronounce then it’s probably best not to use it.

Our soils are depleted of nutrients due to over farming and hence fresh produce has a lower nutritional content today than it did 100 years ago. Organic produce has a higher nutritional content than conventional produce, partly due to the fact that organic farms nurture their soil. For example, organic carrots contain 20-30% more nutrients than conventional ones. Food cravings are often a sign of deficiencies with zinc and magnesium being high on the list of common deficiencies in the UK.

Nutritious produce starts within the soil in which it grows. The nutrient content depends on the land on which it grows, the bugs in the soil which aerate and fertilise it, the water which runs through that land, the insects which pollinate the plants and the sunshine which bathes it.

Many of us are confused about what’s good for us and commercially processed food, in its bright inviting packaging, is often produced for the tongue, not for nourishment for the body. We are a wasteful population, living in a disposable society. Cheap food comes at a price – it’s cheap for a reason. Pay more, waste less. Eat better, eat less. A nourished body does not constantly crave food.

However, it’s not all bad news! Local farmers markets selling fresh produce are abundant now whilst allotments are plentiful with growers being happy to swap or sell their wares and home grown produce doesn’t have to take much space or time to grow at all…..even a window box or planter can yield some wonderful fresh herbs or vegetables. There’s lots of help out there now about what to make and cook, even for the time-starved. 2015 has been an exciting year for Rosie, in September she launched The Healthy Juice Company, delivering organic, raw and alive juice cleansing packages to those with a higher regard for their own wellbeing in London and the Home Counties.

Definitely not just another juice brand, The Healthy Juice Company focuses primarily on offering cleanse packages and your fresh, daily pressed juice cleanse will be on your doorstep by 6am each morning of your cleanse (Monday-Friday) ready for when you wake up. British seasonal ingredients are featured and included as much as possible. Recipes vary daily, for a greater scope of nutrients and to keep the cleanse interesting and customers motivated.

Rosie comments: “After five years of extensive research and months of tasting and testing I am thrilled with our offering. The feedback I have received from clients, who have cleansed with other companies, is that my juice is vibrantly fresh tasting, the daily delivery blew them away and they really loved and appreciated the daily variety! Not only am I bringing a product to the market that promotes good health at a very high level, my juices are not preserved in any way at all – their integrity is still intact. I have worked alongside some leading UK nutritionists and their advice combined with my research and vision has created the ultimate cleanse package, which I am very proud to be offering to help clients who have a higher regard for their own wellbeing to enhance their personal health naturally.”

“I think a juice cleanse helps those time deprived busy people as they quite literally don’t need to do anything except twist off a cap and drink. Everything’s done for them and the juice is even delivered daily pre 6am.”

If you are starting a juice cleanse for the first time, Rosie provides her top tips and recommendations:

• Plan ahead – choose a time to cleanse when your diary is clear of social engagement. Have magnesium baths using 500g of Epsom salts per bath and soaking for 20 minutes, every day during the week before and the week of, your cleanse. Magnesium helps enormously to counteract headaches, particularly when caused by reducing or alleviating caffeine. Magnesium deficiency can also be a contributing factor to sugar cravings.

• You can buy a juice cleanse and simply drink alongside a healthy diet, even drinking a 1 day juice cleanse over 2 days (we don’t offer individual juices bought in multiples yet but we will in the future).


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