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The New Option for Self Builders

Self build, custom build, package build... how do you know which build route is right for you?

You can relax with confidence that everything is happening how and when it should be

What is Concept to Keys®?

Concept to Keys® is a low risk, cost certain build approach that allows you to stay in control of your build without having to take responsibility for the day to day management.

We provide you with a fixed price to take your new build from concept drawings to whatever stage you would like: structure, shell or turnkey.


We are proud that Sylva homes are both green and sustainable. Specialising in offsite construction, our energy efficient timber frame homes are fabricated in factory conditions, to be assembled on site in a fraction of the time of conventional build methods.

For more information please visit sylvagroup.com

5 reasons not to self build

Building your own home is usually a once in a lifetime experience, but the ‘self build’ process can be fraught with problems.

Here are 5 reasons why Concept to Keys® is a better option than self build.

1. Spiralling costs

Concept to Keys® guarantee your build cost. Extensive planning, a detailed design process and an experienced team of professionals ensure that your home not only fulfils your dreams but suits your budget. And because your home will be manufactured in a factory, there are no nasty surprises. Away from the ravages of the British weather and other site conditions, your home will be manufactured in a dry, controlled environment, to be constructed on site in just a few weeks - far less time than conventional build methods.

2. Delays, delays...

Sylva understand your needs and set a realistic schedule to achieve each build stage on time and on budget.

3. Stress

By appointing Sylva to oversee your build, you can relax with confidence that everything is happening how and when it should be. With Concept to Keys®, we’ll take care of everything for you.

4. Mind the Gaps!

Sylva homes enjoy the consistency of one team throughout the whole process. No subcontractors going off to start other jobs and no blame being passed along the line.

5. Risk

Eliminating the risk of financial exposure, delays, warranties or snagging list responsibility, there is no risk with a Sylva build.

In fact a self build warranty is actually included within their Concept to Keys® package.


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