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The Stylish Vegan

Fashionista Meg Mathews has decided to incorporate her two passions, fashion and animal welfare

The bags, named The Primrose Hill Set, come in pillar box red, mustard and electric blue, and have been created from eco-friendly cork and metal

A 1990’s rock ‘n’ roll princess, it’s fair to say that Meg Mathews knows style. The ethically-minded rock chic and fashionista has now joined forces with PETA to launch her own range of handbags.

“I love fashion almost as much as I love helping animals.” Matthews tells us, “so I’m proud to create eco-friendly handbags that will allow shoppers to find a chic new look without harming a single cow, sheep or any other animal.”

With her collection “colourful, fun and practical,” the range includes city bags and totes. “Best of all, every bag is made from recycled cork, which is both animal and eco-friendly, and a percentage of every sale goes to the animal charity PETA UK.”


Mathews certainly knows the essential components of the perfect handbag; “good-quality animal-free fabrics, with a chic design and big enough to hold all of my essentials.” 

With our cities now bursting with vegan friendly eateries, and more and more big names converting to the cause, Mathews is in good company. So does she think she’s helping to change ‘brand vegan’?

“Absolutely,” Mathews smiles, but is quick to add that hers is not a solo effort. “Leona Lewis, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman are all stylish vegans. There has definitely been a change in how people see vegans.”

For Matthews and her fellow celebrity vegans, sourcing non-animal clothing is becoming far less challenging – and when it comes to re-homing old animal-product garments, the solution couldn’t be simpler. 

“I had a coat with a bit of fur trim in my closet which was given to me as a gift. I could never bring myself to wear it and I actually donated it to PETA, which gives unwanted furs to the homeless and to animal shelters to use as bedding.”

So her less-than-ethical garment was given to a good cause, and Mathews can see another perk: “It was a great part of my spring cleaning - and it made space in my wardrobe for animal-free fashion!”