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This suite of furniture began with the eight seater table, which developed through 2/3 client meetings and a number of sketches. Curved sides and twin legs in contrasting stunning burr walnut and fine birds-eye maple are set off with ebony inlay & edging. The chairs followed with laminated backs and a divided leg feature to complement the twin tabl

The art of design

There are seven stages of creating a bespoke piece of furniture; location and size, purpose, style, woods and materials, construction and finally budget
Crossbow Side Table - burr walnut, burr oak with ebony detailing

Rewarding and exciting

Working with Robin Furlong Furniture to design a piece of furniture takes care of all the aspects of the design


Drawing on over 25 years of experience in the furniture making industry, Robin’s design ideas form as he discusses a client’s requirements

To design a piece of furniture it is imperative to know your materials, the possibilities and limitations. Many people do not know where to begin, questioning how it will look, what shapes, proportions and joints might be incorporated and how to arrive at a final design.

This pair of desks have concave end legs with fretted detailing that also cuts into the desk tops, making full advantage of the solid wood construction. The long rails below the tops are in fact drawers with tropical olive handles. The side cabinet houses two file drawers and shelves, neatly concealed behind doors


There are seven stages of creating a bespoke piece of furniture; location and size, purpose, style, woods and materials, construction and finally budget.

The location and size of a design will determine a number of other factors; budget in particular, this will vary depending on all the following factors. For example a dining room table will need to seat a certain number of people and fit in a dining room, this will work as an initial guide. The purpose of this table could be to seat four people on a day to day basis but occasionally 8-10 so an extending table would be required. Style is down to the individual but where Robin’s years of experience will come into its own. Robin has an existing portfolio of designs that clients can get inspiration from and select shapes they prefer.

Robin carries wood samples containing a large variety to choose from. Colour, grain, texture are important as well as choosing either a solid wood, or veneer. Woods may be natural, fumed, limed or stained colour – all options need to be taken into consideration.

Whether a solid wood or veneer is to be used then affects the construction of the piece. Some clients like to see particular features such as joints and certain shapes. No one design is the same as another.

Robin takes the client through guide prices at an early stage and is able to work to a pre-determined budget. Following initial discussions, Robin will prepare the design sketches, which are developed into a presentation drawing, so that the client can see the design from the beginning and have an excellent representation of the finished piece.

Designing a bespoke piece of furniture is a rewarding and exciting experience, it is important to work with the right company and designer to create an heirloom that will remain in a family for generations.

For examples of Robin Furlong Furniture, please visit robinfurlongfurniture.co.uk or the Gallery and workshop are open 6 days a week.


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