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Alcohol Alternatives for Dry January


With many of us taking part in Dry January this month, we’ve selected some of our favourite alcohol alternatives to treat yourself ahead of the dreaded Blue Monday. Whether you’re cutting out, cutting down or just in need of a break after a particularly boozy festive period, these suggestions are worth exploring.


Say hello to the alcohol-free alternative to Champagne and Sparkling Wine. In British culture, a celebration always means bubbles, and with REAL there’s no need to miss out. Currently available in two different award-winning flavour varieties; Royal Flush and Dry Dragon, these hand-picked loose-leaf teas are expertly sourced and naturally fermented to yield all the depth, flavour, and complexity of a fine wine, without the alcohol.

Royal Flush and Dry Dragon are made at REAL’s new state-of-the-art sustainable Fermentery on the Waddesdon Estate. The first of its kind, it leads the way in non-alcoholic fermentation. Whether teetotal, sober-curious, or simply taking a break, pop a bottle of REAL when enjoying the moments that matter most.


No more guesswork or leaps of faith – ZERO. ZILCH. ZIP. have done all the hard work for you, researching and sampling hundreds of drinks to bring you the world’s most carefully curated collection of no-alcohol experiences. Each of these products has passed the discerning palates of their Zerologists, giving you the fastest, faff-free way to discover the delights of alcohol-free drinking. With beers, wines, spirits and more, there’s loads to choose from on their website for when you’re after an indulgent treat but want to keep it alcohol-free.

Recommended by The Sober Girl Society: PHO

Pho in Oxford’s Westgate centre is the place to be, not only for your fix of warming curries and noodle soups but expertly crafted mocktails and alcohol-free drink options, too. We were invited to try their booze-free selection over a delicious lunch and left feeling like we’d really treated ourselves but without that foggy feeling which can follow. Many of their mocktails are made by Square Root Sodas (; another great brand to look out for. From a fruity and flavourful take on a Negroni Spritz or classic and convincing ‘gin’ and tonic, to their wonderfully fresh and zingy ‘Nojito’ – there was no cutting corners on this side of the menu. They have a refreshing 0.5% craft lager on offer, too.


TRIP was created by couple Olivia Ferdi and Dan Khoury to share a bit of calm in the everyday chaos. “We designed a CBD range that fits effortlessly into our lives, and we hope yours, too” explain the founders. TRIP drink cans provide CBD experiences that are just as enjoyable to taste as the feeling after. The wonderful range of products includes flavours such as lemon and basil, elderflower and mint, and peach and ginger; all of which promise to leave you less stressed, and more you.

The Oxford Wine Company

The Oxford Wine Company is an independent retailer and wholesaler, specialising in high-quality wines and spirits. Their extensive range comprises over two thousand products and is available to order online or to purchase from one of their four shops. While it may not be where you’d expect to find an alcohol-free selection, they can certainly help you to wines, spirits or fizz which won’t break your dry January promise. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Darling Cellars de-alcoholised Rosé 

Made using high-tech alcohol removal technology, meaning fresh fruity flavours are preserved. The result is an off-dry rosé with notes of ripe strawberries and candyfloss.

Darling Cellars de-alcoholised Shiraz 

The same technology is used for Darling Cellars’ Shiraz, which displays notes of ripe red fruit and crushed black pepper from time in oak. 

Vilarnau 0.0% Sparkling White 

This vegan-friendly and sophisticated alcohol-free sparkling is a blend of the classic Cava grapes. Ground-breaking de-alcoholisation technology ensures that all the original green apple, citrus and blossom flavours are retained.

Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana is an independent, family-run no-alcohol brewery established in 2016 when founder Becky Kean's dad went teetotal. Back then there were very few alcohol-free beers on the market, and even fewer available in pubs and restaurants. Nirvana Brewery continues to innovate and experiment with Low and No-Alcohol recipes in their East-London Brewhouse and are proud to be the UKs only dedicated low-no brewery.

The Cocktail Society’s Alcohol-Free Kit

The Cocktail Society is the world’s leading cocktail delivery service. Their Apple and Cinnamon Martini Alcohol-Free Cocktail Kit includes all the ingredients needed to make four mocktails, as well as a shaker, snack, and recipe card. All Cocktail Society packaging is cardboard, with compostable packaging to protect the bottles. Delivery is also sustainable through DHL GoGreen, which provides carbon-neutral logistics.

Agua De Madre

With a fresh new recipe, Agua de Madre's kefir water is the drink of choice this January. At the forefront of a new and exciting category of live feel-good drinks, this option is vegan, naturally fermented, sparkling, and low in sugar, as well as being packed with billions of live cultures making it great for the gut.

“We have long been fascinated with fermentation and its powerful benefits”, explains creator Nicola Hart, “so we set out to create the ultimate ancient-modern drink with invigorating benefits to share with the world.” With flavours including Lemon Ginger, Blood Orange Bitters, Passionfruit Raspberry, Pomegranate Hibiscus, and Elderflower Apple there’s something for a range of tastebuds, each one as refreshing and perfectly balanced as the next.


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Nestled in the heart of Witney’s centre, Bella Italia's newest establishment shines as a beacon of Italian culinary delight. Located conveniently next to the town’s Cineworld, the venue beckons both moviegoers seeking a pre-show bite and weary shoppers in need of a lunchtime break.

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The Woodspeen is a restaurant and cookery school set in a lovingly restored 19th century farmhouse, over the border in the West Berkshire countryside. As the seasons change, so too does the menu. It frees the chefs to flex their creative muscles and get the very best out of ingredients while they’re in their prime.

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Hooky on Tour

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Hook Norton Brewery will be bringing their 175th Anniversary celebrations to their pubs in a unique way over the next few months.