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August Ponds


August Ponds was created in 2022. Although we’re new in the UK, we have over 20 years’ experience in the USA (the native home of one of the owners). Here we ran companies specialising in swimming pools, spas, and ponds in Florida and Texas. We feel that this is one of the things that makes us that little bit different – we’re bringing a slice of the North American outdoor lifestyle to the UK.

Our approach to ecosystem ponds, and natural swim ponds in particular, is different. We believe that ponds should be as natural as possible and in keeping with their environment. Part of that ethos is to enable ponds that are habitable for both wildlife (including fish) and plants. Our natural swim ponds have special filtration methods that enable you to swim alongside your fish and plants in water that is clear and free from harmful bacteria. Part of this process is including a wetland filter, which works like a biological filter. The wetland filter is an area that contains naturally-filtering marginal plants, as well as rocks and gravel.It is more effective at filtration, which is why more existing pond owners are incorporating them into their ponds. Just like kidneys that filter toxins out of the human body, wetlands filter toxins out of water. In addition to plants and rocks, our filtering system contains components that aid filtration and make it easier to clean and maintain.

The pond products we use are made by Aquascape Inc, a company based in the USA, that has been creating products and building ponds and water features for over 30 years.They are leaders in their field, and we are happy to be part of the team that work with them. Their products stand out from the rest and their filtration processes are hard to beat.

Although water is our passion, we like to think that we provide the whole outdoor lifestyle package. From outdoor kitchens built into bespoke units clad in real stone, and a choice of real stone countertops to firepits and firebowls. Oh, and we also work with some amazing companies producing beautiful outdoor furniture, planters, outdoor buildings, and some amazing sculptures.

Our aim is to fulfil your dream – however small or large it may be, supplying a bespoke service that means that no garden will ever look exactly

Check out our website to see just some of the wonderful things we offer and call 01865 821651 or email us for further information.


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Mon 15 Jul 2024

This summer the Laura Lopes Gallery presents works by botanical artist Endellion Lycett Green in the Tithe Barn at Thyme. Through her art, Lycett Green pays testament to the inspiration she finds in the natural world.

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Mon 15 Jul 2024

For anyone who hasn’t come across Lydia Millen, she is an influencer-turned-writer who has embraced a life of bucolic bliss. Her debut book, Evergreen: Discover the Joy in Every Season, came out last autumn and encourage readers to be inspired and soothed by connecting with the natural world.

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Mon 15 Jul 2024

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) has opened its annual nature photography competition for 2024 with new categories and prizes.

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Mon 15 Jul 2024

Balancing land use with wildlife needs is crucial for sustainable agriculture. As our population and infrastructure in Oxfordshire grows and agricultural demands increase, maintaining biodiversity