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The UK’s Leading Ecommerce Solution


At Bluepark, we understand that the idea of taking your business online can be daunting. We also get it when your current online shop provider just isn’t up to scratch, but the idea of moving your entire website to another provider fills you with dread. That’s why we’re here to help.

Bluepark’s founder, Richard Clayton, started coding shortly after receiving his Commodore 64 for Christmas at the age of 6. It sparked a life-long dream of becoming a computer programmer which came into fruition when friend and colleague, Graham Wakely, decided to give up the 9 to 5 and set up his own online shop selling soft toys via

Richard quickly realised he could provide a platform for Graham, and other business owners, to build their own online shop that was way ahead of the rest. Starting in his bedroom in 2004, Richard grew Bluepark into a successful business and we’ve now helped over 4200 business owners to sell online via our offices in Witney. And as for Well, they’re still on our platform, and Graham is currently setting up his third online shop with us!

Bluepark boasts one of the biggest lists of built-in features in the industry, so whether you want to offer product bundles, allow customers to create wish lists or set up tiered discounts, you’ll find them available without the need of costly plugins. You can also sell in multiple ways, from offering subscriptions and ‘buy now, pay later’ to selling on Facebook and Instagram, and from selling to B2B and overseas customers to selling on eBay, all directly from your website. With three packages to choose from, all our built-in features come at no extra cost.

And that’s not all. We've just released our brand new V2 Themes, which include almost a hundred new updates and features for you to build an online shop that will look professional, improve the customer's experience, and comply with Google's requirements for modern, user-friendly websites. All our built-in themes are free and easy to customise to suit your brand. 

We're particularly proud of our UK-based Support Team who go above and beyond to help our customers get the most out of our platform and Bluepark has always been on a mission to empower its customers to achieve more by educating them on how to set up their online shop using industry best practices.

If you feel Bluepark would be the right fit for your business, why not try our free 14-day trial?

Simply go to to find out more.

Personal quote: “Honestly, I enjoy the creative process of building software. I get a buzz from overcoming challenges, creating something new and seeing others benefit from it”.

Richard Clayton, Managing Director, and founder of Bluepark.


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