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Changing spaces at Cokethorpe School

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The American actor Sam Waterston once remarked ‘If you’re not moving forwards, you’re falling backwards’. There can be little doubt that English educational establishments were not at the forefront of Mr Waterston’s thoughts at the words’ utterance, but it is nonetheless a sentiment aptly borrowed; so often a by-word for success, progress is integral to schools.

In keeping with its strategic objectives, Cokethorpe School has begun work on an ambitious development project that will neatly deliver progression to nearly every area of the School’s physical environment. In the first stage, the School is constructing a new, purpose-built changing room facility, with space for 220 pupils, a medical room and departmental office, and a design in keeping with the natural environs.

Remarking on the development, Director of Co-Curricular, Gareth Sheer said, ‘we are blessed with fantastic grounds and Sports facilities at Cokethorpe but investing for the future is hugely important. The new Changing Pavilion will give us a resource that will deliver tangible benefits for the new school year and beyond; it will be a great addition.’

Although bringing significant benefit in its own right, the construction of the Changing Pavilion is something of a gateway project. With its completion, attention will turn to the subsequent phases, including the construction of a new Science Building, providing ten state-of-the-art laboratories and additional spaces for learning and scientific endeavour. This will pave the way for the Junior School to take residence amidst the academic hub of the School in a rejuvenated Vanbrugh Building. In turn, the Arts will move to a new collective home in the Mansion House, with the wood-panelled spaces offering fitting acoustical benefits to match the visually inspiring surrounds of their new quarters.

The Headmaster, Damian Ettinger commented, ‘the development projects will embody in physical form the aspirational and transformative intents of the School’s strategic vision. We are entering an exciting period of growth at Cokethorpe and we look forward to the School-wide advantages these plans will bring.’

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