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Coronation Quiz 


Ahead of the Coronation of King Charles III next month, we’ve asked our Toponymist, Adam Jacot de Boinod to devise an Oxfordshire-based quiz on all things Royal.

1) Who was the only King actually to be crowned in Oxford (in 1035)?

2) Which College at Oxford University did Prince Charles visit last year to open the Levine building?

3) All Crown birds are left unmarked at what annual event on the River Thames?

4) The late Queen’s first visit to the county was in 1948 when she met staff, students, and a tortoise at which Oxford University College?

5)  When was Oxford was the capital city, and Parliament itself held here?

6) At Steeple and Middle Aston what is being held to celebrate the Coronation?

7) Which King was born in Beaumont Palace, Oxford, in 1166?

8) What are Chimney Meadows, Bampton and Smokedown Farm, Thrupp in relation to May 6th?

9) King Charles III has become the official Visitor of which three Oxford Colleges: roles held by the late Queen?

10) The late Queen picked up a copy of which newspaper at a newsagent in Berinsfield in 1997?


1) Harold Harefoot 

2) Trinity College

3) Swan Upping

4) Oriel College

5) In the civil war

6) Coronation Parade

7) King John

8) It’s the Coronation Meadow for Oxfordshire

9) Christ Church, Oriel College, and University College

10) The Oxford Mail


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