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Natural stone staircases are the epitome of grandeur. Nothing else captures the eye quite as much as the elegant lines of a stone staircase. Using traditional skills alongside modern cutting and carving equipment, stonemasons can create staircases to suit any building style – cantilever, spiral or freestanding, traditional or modern. Whilst natural stone is at home in traditional environments, it can be teamed with stainless steel, glass, or wood for a modern twist. Natural stone is probably the most durable material to use for a staircase as it’s easily maintainable and long lasting.


An elegant, hand-carved, stone fireplace is a lovely feature in any room, as well as providing that much-needed warmth in the colder months. Stone fireplaces are strong, durable, and long lasting, and only require minimal maintenance to keep them in the best condition possible. If you don’t want to use a ‘standard’ design, draughtsmen are able to turn your ideas into reality using photographs, lifestyle magazine pictures, or even a sketch.


Natural stone is getting more and more popular with self- builders and homeowners, recognising the value of investing in this wonderful natural product. By its very nature, limestone is unique; it has character, stability, and opulence – every piece has distinct flecks of colour and remnants of fossils. And, because it comes from the earth, it’s eco-friendly. Limestone and sandstone are most commonly used for stone staircases and fireplaces. Popular types are Portland limestone and York sandstone, which are available in a range of colours. Natural stone is also now more affordable than ever due to advances in quarrying and processing technology, making the process more efficient.


For 25 years, Cotswold Natural Stone Ltd have been producing and supplying a range of high-quality, natural stone products, including building and walling stone, architectural and specialist masonry, external paving, internal flooring, and reclaimed Yorkstone. Their products come from their own quarries in the Cotswolds, or from an extensive range of British stone held at their Oxfordshire-based yard and masonry workshop.

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Fri 1 Jul 2022

Summer is here and the beautiful Cotswold countryside is in full bloom, making our interiors envious. Few decorative styles can compete with the beauty of Mother Nature, so it is no surprise that the natural world is the most enduring subject of all time in interior design. 

Fri 1 Jul 2022

Why not visit the Cotswold  Lavender  fields, close to the village of Snowshill. Bring a picnic, enjoy the beautiful fields and gain the true experience of the sight and fragrance of Cotswold Lavender

Fri 1 Jul 2022

Butterflies to Spot on a Summer Walk

Katy Dunn, National Trust

The first butterfly of the year is always a high point for me. It means it’s a sunny day for one, but more importantly, that the long, warm days of summer are on their way. It’s usually a Brimstone in March. A flash of dusty acid yellow flitting amongst the new buds in search of early nectar.  

Camping Tent
Fri 1 Jul 2022

I was late to the joys of camping and like many converts, I’m now a zealot. Apart from a few failed attempts while interrailing around Europe, my firm position was that camping was a No