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Leading Cotswold General Practice business expands into Oxfordshire.


Whilst the investment money seems to continue to flow into medical technology apps to enable remote consultations, nothing can replace the value of a face-to-face consultation and a traditional home-visit by your own doctor. This is why Concierge Medical has made substantial investment to increase its member capacity and expand its service reach further into Oxfordshire and Wiltshire from January 2022.

Concierge Medical is a private, membership-based, home visiting general practice providing continuity of care for its members across the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. The Practice offers accessibility to its clinical team of doctors and nurses through its personal home visiting service. It also operates a private Out of Hours service for its registered members, giving them 24/7 access to urgent medical advice and support. Its members are assured of a reliable, and discreet service in a rural landscape where access to healthcare can often be a challenge.

The award-winning Practice was the UK’s first private concierge medicine practice. The founders’ vision was to build a private, purely home visiting GP practice combining modern medicine with traditional values. Their mission, simply, to provide members with the best private medical care available in the UK.

Members are assigned one of the Practice’s 10 doctors to assure continuity of care. Their doctors will diagnose and treat whatever they feel is safe to diagnose and treat at home. There are no time restrictions on consultations or limits to the number of consultations included within membership. To put this in perspective, Concierge Medical doctors have 90% fewer patients than the average NHS GP, having the luxury of time to visit and be highly responsive to member needs. Having time to listen to members’ health concerns, discuss and advise, enabling the building of an honest and trusted ongoing doctor/patient relationship

Managing Partner, Kat Carrick expresses, “As demand for our unique service continues to increase, we are delighted to be able to extend our membership service further into North, Southwest and West Oxfordshire, inclusive of Banbury, Bloxham, Deddington, Chipping Norton, Bicester, Islip, Kidlington, Woodstock, Faringdon, Witney, Burford, Charlbury and Eynsham. Our commitment to extend our service is an exciting development for our Practice and has been long awaited by many seeking the level of attention our service currently provides to our patient members across the Cotswolds.”

To find out more or register interest visit, call 01451 600900 or email


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