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So, by this point most of us are aware that rosemary oil is great at increasing blood flow to the follicles and so supports hair growth. In aromatherapy it is thought to reduce stress, increase mental activity and aid remembrance. In cooking, a roast potato isn’t the same without a sprig or two.

For teeth though? Resoundingly yes. It’s anti-microbial so will help with dodgy breath and can prevent the build-up of plaque. London-based dentist Dr Mahsa Nejati has teamed it up with thyme which is known to neutralise bacterial, viral and other infections in her range of naturally anti-inflammatory, holistic dental products.

The flavour is far superior to your average minty mouthful and is it horribly superficial to take pleasure from the very swish packaging and the fact that the gel paste is dotted with iridescent sparkle?



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