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Finishing Touches

On The Fringe

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There’s something so rock’n’roll about a fringed accessory – or do we mean a little bit country? In fact, fringing is an ancient Mesopotamian hack to add embellishment to clothing, and although in terms of western fashion we might think of the 1920s as when fringe established itself in the mainstream, special mention must go to both Elvis and Cher for their work in the fringe-field. The Autumn/Winter 2020 collections were awash with it and as we move into the summer months its popularity shows no sign of waning.

Frankly, if the style mavens at All Saints are binging on fringe in a premium leather jacket this season, then as far as we are concerned our point is proved.

Astral Jacket


The edges of this sunhat by H&M have been left unfinished, much like Native Americans who viewed this as a form of sustainability as trimming off seams was seen as unnecessarily wasteful.


The always-glorious Mulberry have incorporated just a suggestion of fringing into their Iris Silky Calf bag but this is truly a case of less is more. The contrast of fringe and plaited handle with the more austere matt finish in chalk leather is simple perfection. (And, fyi, if more is more for you, then additional tassels are available for purchase, as is a choice of colour and finish on the handle.)

From £950 for the ‘Mini’

We discovered Susan Morrison’s intricate beaded earrings on the popular Facebook page, Not On Amazon, and have since found her Etsy shop which also stocks a really cute selection of knitted pom pom hats for little babbies. We love her use of colour and pattern and have fallen hard for these Bronze Chevron designs, although it was quite hard to pick a favourite.


A different take on fringe, and much more sportif (meet you at the 19th hole anyone?) This fresh take covers up the laces and breathes new life into the classic superstar street style from Adidas.


The textured nature of the metal fringing on this necklace from Anthropologie means it will capture and reflect any light source. Hand assembled and gold toned.



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Wed 5 Jan 2022

Asking for a friend, but really – can one ever have too many bags? Here’s our pick of the minis and the maxis we need right now. 

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Tue 4 Jan 2022

It’s January, and as your mother might say ‘wrap up warm, it’s cold out there". No need to sacrifice style for comfort with these choice pieces.  

Tue 16 Nov 2021

Children’s charity Action for Children is thrilled to launch its annual Secret Santa campaign for Christmas 2021. This year, the charity has released its own jumpers, t-shirts and tote bags with some of the UK’s most familiar faces supporting the campaign.

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Thu 4 Nov 2021

Humans aren’t the only ones who need spoiling at this time of year; it’s also the perfect time to show your pet some love and we’ve got some great recommendations to get started.   Our