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Finishing Touches: That Science Looks Great on You

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Follow the science – it’s the theme of this month’s issue. We’ve rounded up some of the chicest, cutest and most interesting science-themed accessories around.

Indulge your inner palaeontologist with this Origami T-Rex Necklace, £50

Get astrophysical with your favourite jeans or jacket using this Saturn iron-on/sew-on patch from Inkinghouse on Etsy. £2.99

Join the IT crowd with this History of the Computer T-shirt, £20

Chemical magic? This Oval Halo Ring contains a central setting which can be made from preserved breast milk or umbilical cord, or even from loved one’s ashes. From £250

Check out Davinias Lanyards on Etsy for all of your lanyard requirements, including this rather gothic anatomical wonder. £6.99 (comes with a matching ID holder, not pictured).

OX readers can get 10% off any orders by quoting OXMAG10 at checkout

Don’t worry, we won’t make you prove it! Science Queen pin, £8


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Thu 1 Feb 2024

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