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Five Fantastic Cleansers

Skin Proud

The Makeup Melt Botanical Cleansing Balm contains L22, a lipid complex engineered from botanically-sourced ingredients to replicate the skin surface of a young adult whose skin will still naturally be producing lipid components and maintaining them in a proper balance. Melt between your fingertips and massage into a dry face before removing with a warm, damp cloth. For anyone with dull, dry and/or sensitive skin.

From £38

Launching later this month from Pai Skincare, Phaze is ideal for blemish-prone skin. Formulated with mild polyhydroxy acid (PHA) which is gentle enough for everyday use but effective enough to give visible results. It will help decongest without stripping or leaving skin feeling tight. The certified natural, gel-based formula has a gentle foaming action so is really refreshing to use.


The Rhug Estate in Wales dates back to 1080 but it is only in the last few years that it has become more widely known for its produce. Think Daylesford, but with all the splendour of Wales as opposed to the Cotswolds. Rhug Wild Beauty launched in 2020 and includes foraged ingredients to harness the natural wonder of the location and produce some truly superlative skincare. Their Deep Cleansing Balm with Wild Berries is Vitamin E rich and fabulously cosseting, plus a little goes a long way.


Skin Proud’s extensive range of keenly priced skincare is perfectly pitched to the teen in your life. Their nourishing face melt goes from balm to oil to do away with makeup, grime and sweat. Massage into the skin and remove with warm water.


Infused with Vitamin C the light olive, grapeseed and rosehip oils transform into a milk on contact with warm water. Rosemary and cucumber extracts along with Vitamin E help dissolve makeup while keeping skin velvety soft. Another huge point in its favour is the smell – gorgeously citrussy with none of the Berocca-pong that can make other Vitamin C products off-putting.



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