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Gen Z Frenzy: Wellness Wars

 Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re paying special attention to wellness as a whole, and Gen Z in particular tend to view wellness in a really broad way.

To us, it’s way more than nutrition and exercise – it’s skincare, it’s sleep quality, it’s hair treatments, it’s mental health, it’s sex life, it’s identity, it’s personalised vitamins, it’s fulfilment, it’s a work life balance, it’s knowing exactly what to do at the gym and it’s actually drinking water. We’re pushing a holistic approach to health and wellness which of course is great – if you can keep on top of it all.

Recently, my skin has been playing up a bit, so I’ve poured a lot of energy into actually fixing it properly instead of investing in a new concealer. When I get into things like this though (and there have been many different things like this), I turn around and realise I’ve been neglecting almost everything else, I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks and I’ve forgotten what an apple looks like. How are you guys being good in every element of wellness? All at the same time? Forever?

It’s not helped by corporations and influencers capitalising on this pressure and trying to sell us vagina steamers and armpit masks or whatever the f*ck else I’m definitely going to buy. I’m also such a sucker for things which are personalised to me, I love to fill out little questionnaires telling me which vitamins I’m probably deficient in and how they can send me a shampoo with my name on it if I want. Yes, I do want.

My TikTok feed is full of girls with all these things (as well as perfectly balayaged hair and their lives together), telling me to ‘come with them to do their morning routine’. I watch the entire thing and even sometimes convince myself I’ll do the same tomorrow, knowing full well that for the last week I’ve done my makeup on the bus to get an extra 20 minutes in bed.

Health and wellness shouldn’t be something else we compare to other people. I can personally tell when I’m well – so can everyone and often it’s not when you’ve ticked off every one of these boxes, it’s when you’re happy. I think once you’ve prioritised this, everything else follows and before you know it, you’re rubbing rosemary oil into your scalp with a special spikey brush.

Hope you’re well x


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