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Going On Two Wheels With


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Mark Butler, e-motion evc (Electric Vehicle Company) boss and e-bike enthusiast, introduces the benefits of going electric on two wheels.

Medical advice gets some people back in the saddle – cycling can lower the risk of certain diseases, as well as helping you lose weight. For some people, it’s the remarkable contribution that cycling makes to greener transport. You might simply find that you have more time on your hands, or want to explore the great outdoors for your mental health and well-being. For numerous reasons, time spent cycling is time well spent.

Easier and less sweat than a traditional bicycle, an electric bike has a ‘pedal assist’ motor to help you cycle up hills and tackle longer journeys. You’ll get more exercise than walking, and you can cover far more distance in much less time. One of our customers had a 40-minute walk to work – now she has an e-bike, her commute takes just 15 minutes e-bikes are a great equalizer so all members of a family can enjoy a cycle ride together regardless of their fitness level.

For the slightly more adventurous an electric mountain bike could be the way to go. My Sunday ride often incorporates a stretch of the Ridgeway on an eMTB and 20 to 30 miles have gone by before I know it… The ‘new normal’ presents a good time to think about buying a new or pre-owned bike. Established in 2009, e-motion evc in Gorse Hill, Swindon stocks a wide selection of electric bikes. Current restrictions allow only one customer in the shop at a time, so please phone ahead to arrange an appointment. Our expert team can answer any question you might have, and you’re welcome to test ride any bike.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

For more information, visit: or check out E-motions social media at @Emotionevc.


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