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Great Garden Buys

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the gardener in your life, or are just wanting to pretty-up your outside space, we have a selection of buys for the Great Outdoors.

Personalised Roman Brass Sundial, £148.99

Uuni Pro Multi-Fuelled Outdoor Oven, £499

Wilko rope-light Snowflake, £20

Garden Thermometer designed by Sophie Conran, £19.95

Outdoor beanbag, £49.00

Somerley Rustic Arch Garden Mirror, £148.95

Glass Greenhouse tree decoration, £14

Portable freestanding barbeque, £79.99

'Keep Your Cool' Champagne Bucket (bottle not included) £85

Harlow Rattan Reindeer Range, £998.99

Shaolin Monk Stature, £95

Solar Sphere Lights, £52.95


Mon 1 Nov 2021

The perennial question comes around each year renewed – what to get your nearest and (not so) dearest when it looks like they already have everything, or when you haven’t seen them since last year?  Astrologer @VenusAndVesta has put together an inspirational gift guide to help you shop with the stars.

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Tue 23 Nov 2021

The final phase of work at The Mobility Store in Wroughton, has now been completed and the new division called Optimised Independence opened on the 5th of October.

EcoSmart Base Fire Pit from 1 995
Wed 10 Nov 2021

Bio Fires

Intelligent Fires

Since the age of man, fire has been a necessity In the modern era, it has become both a comfort and a luxury, and there is nothing more luxurious than a beautiful flickering flame in your home. Or in your garden. Our gardens have always wanted to be a part of the house, becoming that additional room to our homes; no more so than over the past 18 months.

IMAGE... foster carers can make a difference
Thu 4 Nov 2021

People across Oxfordshire are being encouraged to consider becoming foster carers. The appeal comes from Oxford city resident Samantha Allen, who talks with pride about the babies – and babies with their mothers – she has welcomed into her home over the last 12 years.