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Grooms-day Experience Packages

Brook Harris

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Are you looking for a fun and unique way to raise a toast to the groom to be and add an extra special touch to your wedding suit shopping experience to ensure it is a day to remember!

If so, Brook Harris Tailoring offers unique Grooms-day Experience Packages, with everything from A Poker night Experience to Deluxe Whisky Tasting to ensure the process of suit shopping is as memorable as the suit itself!

In addition to their Luxury Fitting Experiences, they also have the option for you and your grooms party to be chauffeured in their classic London taxi.

Their team will arrange everything for you so you can relax and enjoy this most memorable of occasions!

Check out their page or head to their website to view all their Grooms-day Experience Packages and book your unique Shopping Experience now!


Jamie and Chelsea
Mon 30 Oct 2023

Married at the Cotswolds Hotel and Spa Chipping Norton on the 18th August 2023.

Halfpenny London tlo7he
Mon 30 Oct 2023

Rip up the rule book – if there’s one thing we’ve learned in recent years, it is that a wedding should reflect your true selves, whether your heart’s desire is fairytale flounces or streamlined suits, long or short, bursting with bling or simple and unadorned, lace or silk…Remain true to you.

Wedding dress
Mon 30 Oct 2023

Savannah Miller needs little in the way of introduction. After graduating from Central St Martins she worked for design legends including Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson before setting up the hugely popular label Twenty8Twelve in partnership with her sister, Sienna.

Alc free
Mon 30 Oct 2023

According to a new study by  The Gilchrist Collection  a quarter of guests (24%) don’t drink alcohol at weddings. More than a third (35%) of guests feel ‘uncomfortable’ when questioned about not drinking, with 52% of sober guests only offered water at weddings.