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Eat, Sleep, Drink

Hook Norton Brewery

Drinkers For Ukraine

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Hook Norton Brewery has become involved in the #DrinkersForUkraine campaign to help raise funds for the Red Cross humanitarian relief efforts.

To show solidarity with them, Drinkers For Ukraine have asked breweries around the world to brew the Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout RESIST, developed by Ukrainian brewers.

Hook Norton Brewery are keen to support in whatever way they can and so have brewed their version of the solidarity brew – RESIST Anti Imperial Stout 6%, infused with Beetroot; a first for them! After a request for help on the Hook Norton village Facebook page, the required amount of beetroot was delivered cooked and ready to go into the brew – a real community effort. The resulting brew is now ready to go and will be available at the brewery and in selected Hook Norton pubs with money raised going directly to the Red Cross Disasters Emergency Committee.

RESIST – Anti-Imperial Stout.

A very dark beer, with a brown head tinged with pinkness. Aromas of vanilla, chocolate and caramel. The taste starts with a crisp bitterness from both the hops and the roasted malts, then the earthiness from the beetroot comes through, before being displaced by the roast malt character. A long finish, with an echo of the beetroot present. At 6%, a beer to savour, and proceeds are going to the Red Cross DEC Fund.


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Fri 5 Apr 2024

Nestled in the heart of Witney’s centre, Bella Italia's newest establishment shines as a beacon of Italian culinary delight. Located conveniently next to the town’s Cineworld, the venue beckons both moviegoers seeking a pre-show bite and weary shoppers in need of a lunchtime break.

Russell and Atwell making chocolate k2ozmo
Tue 2 Apr 2024

Depending on your viewing habits, you may know Steve Russell and Giles Atwell as those chocolate guys who got a five offers of investment when they showed their wares on Dragon’s Den. However, if your Thursday evenings are occupied elsewhere there’s a strong chance that you know them best as purveyors of fine, fresh chocolate.

Spiced sweet potato soup topped with a crisp bhaji unwaws
Tue 2 Apr 2024

The Woodspeen is a restaurant and cookery school set in a lovingly restored 19th century farmhouse, over the border in the West Berkshire countryside. As the seasons change, so too does the menu. It frees the chefs to flex their creative muscles and get the very best out of ingredients while they’re in their prime.

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Mon 25 Mar 2024

Hooky on Tour

Bringing Free Beer and Cheer to a Pub Near You

Hook Norton Brewery will be bringing their 175th Anniversary celebrations to their pubs in a unique way over the next few months.